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Easily brew the smoothest cup of coffee at your home or office!

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The AEROPRESS™ is an entirely new way to make coffee:-

  • Water and grounds are mixed together for ten seconds.
  • Then gentle air pressure pushes the mix through a micro-filter in 20 seconds.
  • The total brewing time of only 30 seconds results in exceptionally smooth flavor.
  • Tasters ranging from professional cuppers and author Kenneth Davids, to coffee aficionados all praise the smooth, rich flavour.

“Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I’m extremely pleased with my purchase of Aeropress. What’s more, it looks like I had the best cup of cappuccino in my entire life, when I was visiting your shop! 🙂 Thank you very much for wonderful service and keep up the great work!”
Mr Karol Janus (An overseas student studying at the National University of Singapore)

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Some praises of AEROPRESS™:

“It makes the absolute best cup of coffee I’ve tasted in my entire life.”
Lewis Singer – Cooks Junction

“When used properly, AeroPress produces a remarkably good straight espresso and an excellent Americano-style taller cup. In fact, it produces a better espresso shot than many home machines that cost twenty or thirty times as much.”
Kenneth Davids – Author of:
Coffee: A Guide to Buying Brewing and Enjoying
Espresso: Ultimate Coffee
Coffee Roasting: Romance and Revival
editor of

“Thank you for leaving us an Aeropress. I’m sipping a delicious Americano as I go through my emails–you have saved me from servitude to the office brew cup and I will be forever grateful! The funny thing is, I made it with the same pre-ground coffee the drip stuff is made of (just to do a more direct comparison) and, well, there is no comparison–one has flavor, the other has bitterness.”
Molly Watson – Sunset Magazine

“I didn’t know the same coffee could taste so good.”
Peter Whitely – Sunset Magazine

“This is the first cup of coffee I’ve ever enjoyed without cream and sugar.”
Margie Gray – Professional Engineer and coffee lover

“Thus, the result with hardly any tinkering: Two very, very good mugs of coffee. I was able to taste qualities that I had mainly read about before, particularly on the floral, fruity, and sweet end of the spectrum. You’ve obviously made a fine discovery.”
Jeffrey Steingarten – Vogue Food Editor

“You must try it to understand why this device is the only coffee maker I will ever own again. Making an AeroPress coffee takes only 30 seconds (start to finish) and best of all, only takes a few seconds to clean! The only negative aspect about the AeroPress is that I cannot drink the burnt espresso anymore at our favorite bakery.”
Ellen Jorgenson – Seattle

“A couple of years ago I bought a $1500 espresso machine. It works well – but it doesn’t turn out the consistent quality of the AeroPress. Now I use the AeroPress for ALL brewing and only use my expensive Italian machine for heating the AeroPress water and for foaming milk for my cappuccino.”
Tom Osborne – Stewarts Point , CA

“It’s hard to believe that something so simple can give me a cup of coffee that’s as good as what I get at my local coffee shop using equipment many times the Aeropress’s price. I love being able to experiment with different amounts and types of coffee to get everything from a rich espresso to the traditional cup of American coffee.”
Greg Silveria – Burlingame, CA

“I have this coffee maker at work along with a simple blade grinder and use the press at least once a day. My friend in the next office has a traditional French press, and we’ve done a number of side by side comparisons, varying water temperature, brew time, bean variety, etc. The Aeropress coffee is consistently less bitter, with a much more robust flavor, than the French press.”
Eric Prather – Santa Clara, CA

“We’ve been using our AeroPress daily for two months now and love it. It’s light weight, durable, easy and quick to use and clean and makes an excellent caffe leche. We’ve tried French press coffee, but the AeroPress delivers the flavor without bitterness or sediment. It simplifies and improves on traditional methods; an elegant solution, indeed.”
Tim & Carolyn Biglow – Los Altos, CA

“It is fabulous; thanks for telling me about it. I think it makes espresso as good as $1000 restaurant machines and it is fun!”
Bryon Furey – Philadelphia, PA

“Hi, I just wanted to congratulate you on the new AeroPress. I bought one from Locals Only Coffee, and have used it several times. The simplicity of the design, use, and cleaning are impressive, as is the quality of the coffee.”
Michael Davis – Seattle, WA

“Let me tell you I’m hooked. This makes an outstanding Americano. I’m the only coffee drinker in my house and making a pot of coffee often just goes to waste. The AeroPress makes just the right amount – nothing wasted. Good luck with the product; it is fantastic!”
Todd Hembry – Seattle, WA

“I don’t know who the genius is over there, but I’ve only used it twice and, it’s terrific. I definitely agree with your philosophy of brewing temp (which diverges from coffee “orthodoxy.”) I’m amazed at how good this product is, and I wish you all the luck with it.”
Darryl Rehr – Los Angeles, CA

At the time of this writing, all eight AeroPress reviews at awarded AeroPress the maximum possible rating of five stars. altaltaltaltalt

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