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Excellent brew without the bitterness, acidity or loose grounds

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The new Clever is here!

Good news! The already incredible Clever Dripper has been improved even further. The design has changed for a friendlier look and more importantly, the plastic material has been replaced by Eastman Tritan, a super tough, BPA free copolymer. This makes the Clever resistant to cracking. On top of that, the shut-off valve was redesigned for easier cleaning and the seal is removable. In fact, the entire bottom is removable so the seal and valve can be cleaned with ease.

The Clever Coffee Dripper has advanced the concept of Full Immersion Coffee Brewing by creating an easy way to brew without bitterness, acidity or loose grounds. The difference is it's new shut-off valve system. Instead of pushing the grounds to the bottom of the brew carafe, the grounds settle naturally. We simply can't think of a single better way to easily, consitently, produce a clean and full-bodied cup of coffee, time after time, without the hassle of cleaning up coffee grounds.

Advanced in 3 ways:

  1. No need to worry about brewing temperature dropping quickly as it drips into the cup.
  2. Water can be poured over the grounds all at one time. No need to pour the slowly to pre-moisten the coffee.
  3. The Clever Coffee Dripper features a shut-off valve design which holds the coffee until the entire brewing process is complete and the brewer is placed on the cup opening the valve.


  1. Set the paper filter into the brewer.
  2. Add coffee and just-off-the-boil water, stir and let brew for 3-4 minutes.
  3. Place the Clever Coffee Dripper on top of a mug and watch as it fills with perfectly brewed, perfectly clear coffee in seconds.
  4. Lift the brewer off the mug and the patented shut-off system stops the flow.

Read Reviews:

State College, PA  2012-07-07
I'm new to the clever dripper but it has made such a diffference in my morning coffee It has made my coffee taste delicious and I couldnt be happier

San Diego, CA  2012-06-05
It is a very nice and clean way to brew a single cup of coffee. It gives a more consistent brew that the traditional pour-over and a cleaner cup than a french press. The only recommendation I have is to release the coffee at 3 min., at 4 it tend to be over extracted.
Santa Rosa, CA  2012-04-02
Love this We have one at home and one at work. We take it everywhere for a perfect cup of coffee.
Laguna Beach, CA  2012-02-17
So I *loved* this product -- for the first two weeks. Then, my favorite part of it flunked the test of time (and washing.) The best part of the clever coffee dripper is the automatic shut-off when the coffee cup is full. Alas, after two weeks, this function failed, and now I have to keep an eagle eye on the thing while it pours. Other than this, it's really great, but this is for me a deal-breaker.
Parma, OH  2011-10-24
Exactly what I was looking for. The coffee at work was often burnt or someone would use too many packets and make jet fuel. The Clever Coffee Dripper allows me to quickly and easily make my own cup of coffee, without having to deal with the community coffee. I make the coffee, toss the filter/grounds and give it a quick rinse the next for the next cup.
Spring, TX  2011-04-06
Really a good coffee maker. I grind my own beans and all of the fines wind up in the brew cup using the French Press. The filter in the Clever Coffee Dripper takes care of that problem nicely with the paper filter. However, the product has one fragile area and that is the four plastic feet on the bottom. I dropped the Dripper just a short distance and one foot broke off. So be more careful than I was Ron
Winchester, VA  2011-03-31
This method of brew is becoming increasingly popular. It is very clean, affordable, easy to use. Great for home brewing and to take along when traveling
Richmond, VA  2011-03-15
Makes truly delicious coffee. I will recommend to friends. Fast delivery of Clever Coffee Dripper from espressoparts. Easy to clean as well.
Cambridge, MA  2011-03-14
Fantastic It's like french press coffee minus the dust.
federal way, WA  2011-03-11
excellent coffee dripper. 5 star rate. also, fast deliverly from
San Carlos, CA  2011-03-09
Love this coffee maker. Gives me the strong, clear(not gritty) cup of coffee I want. Makes a great cup of coffee, easy clean up. Excellent service from
Salem, OR  2011-03-09
I've been using the Melita brewer for years but found it was too small for my big 16 oz. mug and had to refill it a second time. This does the job in one pass. I love the lid as it helps keep the temperature up. Try it, you'll like it
Great Falls, MT  2011-03-07
Perfect for one who loves fresh coffee. Every cup is just made and just the strength you want Each of us is happy with our perfect cup of coffee
Rochester, NY  2011-03-07
Denve, CO  2011-02-24
Clever. Simple. Tasty.
Gold River, CA  2011-02-17
Wow. What a surprise this little coffee maker is. So easy to use and what an outstanding cup of coffee it produces. I am a true believer in the "immersion" method of coffee but I have always found french press a bit too gritty for my taste. The CCD makes it a nonstarter of an issue by using filters. And it is so good. Clean up is simple enough and so far my CCD has yet to stain. Awesome product.

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