This review is about my experience with purchasing Espresso making equipment from Highlander.

TL;DR Don’t look anywhere else, these guys are the nicest, most customer oriented bunch of folks I’ve ever encountered in any industry, in any country. You won’t go wrong buying from them.
I made an appointment with Phil to have him show me some different machines and grinders at the back of the Cafe. Phil very patiently walked me through all the features of the machines, pulled some shots for me, even let me play around with pulling my own shots and steaming. All in all I spent a good hour or more with him — and never was there ever any pressure to buy from them. He’s very open about that – come take a look, experience the machines, absolutely no obligation to buy. And as sincere as he was — I totally believed him.
In the end I did end up buying from Phil — the price was good, he threw in some little extras, and I had the confidence that these are good honest folks that would take care of me if the machine broke down. And indeed they also perform on-site servicing.
The delivery was also just as smooth. I got a What’sapp message from Cedric giving me options on delivery dates, and on the chosen date and time – they arrived.
Mr Shay Seng

Drinking one cafe latte a day, I cannot really claim to be an avid coffee drinker. Before 2014, I almost exclusively only drank tea. A medical problem got me a 4 week stay at home and that was when I started drinking a daily dose. The engineer in me also got me to read and learn the technical part of the esthetics of coffee. That led to first having a full automatic Jura coffee machine, and even Nespresso. But wanting to be hands on, I invested in learning to do the full manual bit from beans to drink. Starting with double boiler VBM and the Mazzer grinder, which gave much great service and coffee pleasure, I have succumbed to enjoying my cafe lattes even more with recent acquisitions of the Lelit Bianca machine and Niche Zero grinder. The Bianca has innovation everywhere one looks – from the flat bottomed portafilter to the variable pressure head to the wood knobs and insulated steam tube. Same for the Niche grinder – wood trim, accurate shot dispensing and high esthetics. My wife and I are enjoying our morning cafe lattes even more now. Thanks to Highlander Coffee who led me on this journey!

Mr Alex Chan

Very helpful staff and superb after sales support. I was afraid of getting a Lelit Bianca as I don’t know if I could figure out how to use it. The staff from Highlander not only came down to set it up, they also taught me and showed me how to pull a shot and do latte art on it. This is how you win customers.

Mr Tan Bin Dun

The Bianca is really very good man! I tried 3 diff ways of brewing, preinfusion 5 off 4, preinfusion 5 off 6, preinfusion 5 off 4 plus paddle. Everything is a wow in its taste !
…But i tell you first now bcos i am very happy with the upgrade !

Mr Raymond Chan

Hi Phil, it has been installed and in great condition. Love it 🙂 thx very much! The guys are very helpful and friendly too!

Mr Andy Li

Dear phil,

Thank you for your patience In guiding and coaching me along the way to making the right espresso.

Through all the countless videos and remote guidance during the cb period, my lelit Bianca and grinder can consistently produce good tasting coffee elixir.

I started as a complete novice who couldn’t even tell the difference between beans. Today I can appreciate the aromas and taste from the various blends. The Bianca is able to produce delicious foam and textured milk that elevates the latte to the next level. Will spend countless more hours playing with the paddle to get different taste and textures.

For those who are sitting on the fence, don’t wait and just get it from phill. Great after sales service pairing an excellent machine…. nothing can go wrong. Your taste buds will thank you.”

Mr Siwei

The undisputed top end
pro-consumer espresso machine for its price, features and beauty!

If you are looking for a pretty vintage looking machine with all the high end bells and whistles available only in the most expensive machines, look no further.

See micro-site bianca.lelit.com for more details.

Introducing the PL162T Bianca from Lelit, their newest, double boiler machine. With the Bianca, Lelit continues to outdo themselves and now lead the industry with the widest range of prosumer models. It packs some of the best technology that will make any barista jump for joy.

Not only does the machine include a PID double boiler, for those who are looking to experiment with pressure profiling seeking the Holy Grail; but, sitting on top of the legendary E61 grouphead is a wooden paddle that allows the user to manually adjust the brew pressure as the espresso shot is extracting! No need to pre-program it with fingers-crossed that your flavor profile will be to your liking. You have the control, right at your fingertips with a brew pressure readout at the group!

The Bianca has a water reservoir that can be re-positioned on either side of the machine to suit your needs and your counter-top. Don’t want a tank? No worries! The Bianca can be directly plumbed in too (even the drip tray can be drained!) All of these features are encased in a stainless steel body, accented by wooden handles, feet, and lever.


Control Brew Pressure on the Fly!
The wooden paddle and brew pressure gauge mounted on top of the grouphead allows full manual control over the brew pressure as you are pulling your shot of espresso. Play with flavor profiles to your hearts content!

Pick a side, any side!
Have you ever seen an espresso machine that gives you a choice where to put the water reservoir? The Bianca does! Even better, it also has the option to be directly plumbed in, including the drip tray.

Wooden Handled Bottomless Portafilter
3-cup bottomless portafilter with smooth wodden handle included with the machine.

E61 Grouphead
The E61 grouphead ensures consistent water stability. Hot water circulates from the boiler through the grouphead and back. The result? The grouphead and your portafilter stays nice and hot, especially important to get a nice shot of espresso. A lever next to the grouphead easily activates the pump to draw water through the coffee grinds.

Built with Quality Materials
On the outside, the Bianca shines with stainless steel body polished to a mirror finish(subject to change on final version). And in the inside, it has two insulated stainless steel boilers with copper tubing connecting the boilers to the grouphead or valves.

Wooden Elements
Less plastic is always a bonus in our eyes. In addition to the portafilter handle being crafted out of wood, the Bianca also has wooden accents on steam / hot water knobs, lever, wooden paddle, and feet!

PID and Dual Pressure Gauge
Lelit adds their sophisticated PID system, that allows timed preinfusion, a reference timer, and a low-water level alert. A dual-pressure gauge on the other side of the machine measures both the boiler pressure (0-4 bar) on top and pump pressure (0-16 bar) on the bottom.

Multi Directional Steam and Hot Water Wand
Allows for more flexibility. Rosette-style knobs control the separate steam and hot water wands, which are multi directional. The steam wand comes with a 2 hole steam tip.

Three Way Solenoid Valve
Allows quick removal of portafilter after espresso extraction by relieving the pressure built up in the grouphead. The result is a dry puck of coffee you can easily knock out of the portafilter.

Rotary Vane Pump and Motor
Produces a quieter extraction than a vibratory vane pump. Situated underneath tank / reservoir, so adjustments can be made from underneath the espresso machine.

Adjustable OPV
Adjustable over pressure valve – top cover and upper body panel need to be removed to adjust.

See micro-site bianca.lelit.com for more details.

Look No Further.