This review is about my experience with purchasing Espresso making equipment from Highlander.

TL;DR Don’t look anywhere else, these guys are the nicest, most customer oriented bunch of folks I’ve ever encountered in any industry, in any country. You won’t go wrong buying from them.
I made an appointment with Phil to have him show me some different machines and grinders at the back of the Cafe. Phil very patiently walked me through all the features of the machines, pulled some shots for me, even let me play around with pulling my own shots and steaming. All in all I spent a good hour or more with him — and never was there ever any pressure to buy from them. He’s very open about that – come take a look, experience the machines, absolutely no obligation to buy. And as sincere as he was — I totally believed him.
In the end I did end up buying from Phil — the price was good, he threw in some little extras, and I had the confidence that these are good honest folks that would take care of me if the machine broke down. And indeed they also perform on-site servicing.
The delivery was also just as smooth. I got a What’sapp message from Cedric giving me options on delivery dates, and on the chosen date and time – they arrived.
Mr Shay Seng

Drinking one cafe latte a day, I cannot really claim to be an avid coffee drinker. Before 2014, I almost exclusively only drank tea. A medical problem got me a 4 week stay at home and that was when I started drinking a daily dose. The engineer in me also got me to read and learn the technical part of the esthetics of coffee. That led to first having a full automatic Jura coffee machine, and even Nespresso. But wanting to be hands on, I invested in learning to do the full manual bit from beans to drink. Starting with double boiler VBM and the Mazzer grinder, which gave much great service and coffee pleasure, I have succumbed to enjoying my cafe lattes even more with recent acquisitions of the Lelit Bianca machine and Niche Zero grinder. The Bianca has innovation everywhere one looks – from the flat bottomed portafilter to the variable pressure head to the wood knobs and insulated steam tube. Same for the Niche grinder – wood trim, accurate shot dispensing and high esthetics. My wife and I are enjoying our morning cafe lattes even more now. Thanks to Highlander Coffee who led me on this journey!

Mr Alex Chan

Very helpful staff and superb after sales support. I was afraid of getting a Lelit Bianca as I don’t know if I could figure out how to use it. The staff from Highlander not only came down to set it up, they also taught me and showed me how to pull a shot and do latte art on it. This is how you win customers.

Mr Tan Bin Dun

The Bianca is really very good man! I tried 3 diff ways of brewing, preinfusion 5 off 4, preinfusion 5 off 6, preinfusion 5 off 4 plus paddle. Everything is a wow in its taste !
…But i tell you first now bcos i am very happy with the upgrade !

Mr Raymond Chan

Hi Phil, it has been installed and in great condition. Love it 🙂 thx very much! The guys are very helpful and friendly too!

Mr Andy Li

Dear phil,

Thank you for your patience In guiding and coaching me along the way to making the right espresso.

Through all the countless videos and remote guidance during the cb period, my lelit Bianca and grinder can consistently produce good tasting coffee elixir.

I started as a complete novice who couldn’t even tell the difference between beans. Today I can appreciate the aromas and taste from the various blends. The Bianca is able to produce delicious foam and textured milk that elevates the latte to the next level. Will spend countless more hours playing with the paddle to get different taste and textures.

For those who are sitting on the fence, don’t wait and just get it from phill. Great after sales service pairing an excellent machine…. nothing can go wrong. Your taste buds will thank you.”

Mr Siwei

Best value quietest thermally stable E61 HX smallest footprint pro-sumer espresso machine in the market

Framed Posters A4 showroom coffee machines02

Machine customization

When using MaraX you won’t need to worry about brewing temperature: thanks to the configuration buttons you can choose both the mode of use and the preferred extraction temperature between warm, hot and extra hot, to obtain the perfect drink.

It measures brewing pressure

MaraX’s double pressure gauge allows you to control both the pressure of the steam boiler and the pressure during coffee extraction. You will thus be able to observe the brewing curve from the pre-infusion to the end of the extraction.

It has an easily accessible water tank

The new etched reservoir makes filling and cleaning comfortably easy thanks to its completely opened top. It is equipped with devices that memorize the number of loadings to easily monitor the consumption of the water softening filter.

Accessories included

MaraX comes with a LELIT58 portafilter having an inclined shape handle, a coffee slide spout, a LELIT58 filter basket holding 9-11 grams, a LELIT58 filter basket holding 14-18 grams, a LELIT58 filter basket holding 18-21 grams, a LELIT58 blind filter basket, a riser for espresso cups, a water softener resin filter, a drain tray with self-cleaning grate, a LELIT58 stainless steel tamper with a red wooden handle, a plastic spoon for coffee powder, a small brush for group cleaning and the first cleaning kit.

Satin-finish construction

MaraX’s design is coupled with an excellent build quality as a result of its brushed stainless steel body, its drain tray and cup warmer complete with a self-cleaning grate.

Cool touch steam wands

Lelit’s new steam ergonomic wands are all Cool Touch to avoid getting burnt. Cleaning has been made simple to prevent scale formation giving the user yet another advantage contributing to the full enjoyment of espresso making.

Power saving

MaraX comes equipped with a sophisticated power saving system that reduces the pressure in the steam boiler when not in use. This means saving a lot of power and eliminating unnecessary waste. The warm-up time once the machine is turned on is a maximum of 24 minutes.

Technical specifications

MaraX knows how to professionally adapt to diverse working conditions and different user requirements.
  • Boiler with 1.8 litre capacity
  • Stainless steel AISI 316L heat exchanger
  • E61-type group with mechanical pre-infusion
  • Heating of group sped up by thermosyphon circulation through double probe HX system (Patent pending)
  • Spring-loaded professional taps 
  • Pressure gauge zero adjustment
  • Stainless steel backlit On/Off switch
  • Machine in heating led and/or machine is ready led
  • No water in tank led and/or tank not correctly inserted led
  • Water tank with a 2.5 liter capacity
  • Dimensions: width x depth x height: 22cm x 41cm x 35cm
  • Boiler heating element: 1300W
  • Power: 230V 50 Hz – 120V 60Hz
  • Weight: 18 kg

Look No Further.