Good coffee experience you can rely on since 2006!

Delight your guests or customers with hot tasty espresso drinks by our baristas at your event!

  • Who can we trust to provide CONSISTENT FRESH tasting coffee to serve in our event?
  • Does the coffee vendor have the track record and food safety certifications to serve in public events?
  • Can our guests or customers be quickly served coffee without too long a wait?
  • What if our event premise do not have the necessary requirements such as water access and electrical power ratings?
  • There are many vendors out there who is involve in coffee in the following areas: coffee roasting and supplies, cafe operations, coffee machine supplies, coffee training etc…but only a handful can truly say they are a one-stop-shop with a SOLID TRACK RECORD FOR CONSISTENCY.
  • Many have jumped into the bandwagon to serve coffee in events. Some may have a full time job and own a coffee machine offering to serve in events at ridiculously low price. They may have a business licence but do not possess the legal food safety certifications from NEA (National Environment Agency), AVA (Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore) and even Halal certifications. FOOD SAFETY concerns in recent years have risen sharply not just in Singapore but more and more in developing countries.
  • With the right setup and capabilities; essentially hardware, coffees, milk, condiments and most importantly GOOD HUMAN RESOURCES (attitude and training), coffees can be swiftly served without any COMPROMISE ON QUALITY.
  • There are definitely SOLUTIONS available to address these challenges such as water supplies and electrical power ratings requirements.
  • With no obligation, Highlander Coffee can help you to address these challenges and more…
Roasting almost daily at our own ROASTERY, we bring the freshest beans to SERVE IN YOUR EVENT!


SIMPLY SAID, WE UNDERSTAND COFFEE BETTER. You will BENEFIT from our dedicated team of REAL PEOPLE with extensive PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE and on a DAILY basis:-

  • ROAST coffee for retail (2006) and wholesale (2012)
  • DISTRIBUTE and SERVICE coffee machines (2004)
  • WALK the talk by OWNING a cafe and SERVE coffee daily (2006)
  • PIONEER in COFFEE TRAINING and probably conducted the most number of classes in the WORLD (2004)!

Highlander Coffee Quick Factfile: We are a Singapore pioneer in the gourmet coffee business established for more than 10 years (since 2004). Our cafe has been around serving coffee to new and regular customers for over a decade. Our coffee academy is reputed the longest standing educational platform reaching out to more people than anybody else in the WORLD! We now WHOLLY OWN a roasting plant producing coffee almost daily for both retail and wholesale! We are AVA (mandatory licence for wholesale supplies), Halal (whole plant) and NEA (our espresso bar) certified. We are currently one of notable home and commercial espresso machine importer distributor in the region for the VBM brand with keen repair and parts support capabilities.

For the latest reference to the event serving coffee for our corporate clients, please visit our Facebook page. For your information, all the coffees served produced at our Food Xchange production facility are AVA and Halal certified. Our espresso bar has been operating with an NEA licence renewed yearly over the last more than 10 years!

Yes, our baristas can set up a gourmet coffee kiosk within 45 minute and start serving espresso, long black, cappuccino and caffe latte to your guests and potential clients. Our past clients include IBM, Pfizer, Microsoft Dynamics, National Library Board, B.Braun, Symantec, SES New Skies, People’s Association, V2Pay, Bristol-Myers Squibb, SGX, ANZ, Ernst & Young, HP Summit, Facebook, Dell, Mundi Pharma, Singapore General Hospital and Unilever. Since 2006, our coffee bar has been serving coffees to a wide spectrum coffee lovers from all over Singapore and the world.

Read some of what others have to say:-

“Thanks Phil, IT was a great priviledge for me to find your shop and have such world class coffee. I hope your business goes over the top. blessings,…This is Phil, one of the owners of Highlander coffee. Check them out on the web… best coffee in the world!”

Mr Michael Card (American Christian singer-songwriter, musician, author, and radio host from Franklin, Tennessee http://www.michaelcard.com/ and Facebook Album)

“Hi guys… awesome to meet up earlier today. Definately the best and most enjoyable coffee I’ve had in Singapore ever!!! Looking forward to run your Supremo blend through our Cimbali for my morning coffee =) Cheers!…Thanks guys! Awesome work you guys doing! Best coffee in Singapore for sure! Sander.”

Mr Sander Blauw (Netherlands)

“Despite the Scottish moniker, Highlander Coffee is in no way Scottish. Instead, it’s a coffee shop, coffee retailer and coffee academy all rolled into one. Run by two brothers – Cedric and Phil – who are incredibly passionate about coffee, this place is one of the best places in Singapore to grab a great cup of coffee. The brothers, who trained in Sydney (but where else?), have trained quite a few baristas from all over the region, so it’s no surprise that the staff here take their coffee very seriously indeed. The coffee bar is very nice and comfortable, though a little on the small side. Even though I was just drinking a flat white and reading through a couple of magazines one sunny weekday afternoon, the staff didn’t harrass me in any way to order more. Instead, they left me in peace…Still, given the quality of the coffee, it’s defintiely worth the trip if you’re a coffee-lover!”


“Loved being in Highlander and thanks for taking so much time for me. I use the tamperstation everyday and it brings such wonderful memories…I only regret that I didn’t visit you sooner during my stay, then I could’ve come again. But you never know, some time in the future I’ll be back”


Dear Phil and Cedric, Greetings to you from Oslo…:-) What a nice memory from Highlander Coffee. After our coffee machine arrived from Singapore I experienced some trouble making as good coffee as we did in Singapore. Today I am certain that the quality of the coffee must be the reason for my trouble. Jostein brought back some of your coffee beans and then I really got some very nice crema and the taste was excellent! Thanks again and do lets us know if you ever get the chance to visit Norway. Warmest regards,

Ms Siri Bogen (Oslo, Norway)

“Highlander has the best cup of espresso you can find in Singapore. They roast their beans in house for maximum freshness and monitor the temperature of the water flowing through their brew heads.”

Mr Carl Coryell-Martin (http://maps.google.com/maps/user?uid=110199479905451551627&hl=en&gl=US)

“Best coffee in Singapore, hands down…The best coffee bros since the Piccolo bros…”

Mr Ryan Hong (Chef for Hire- http://www.ryanhong.com)

“Hi Fred Just back from Singapore and had a wonderful time there. There’s a topic a bit further called “where to find espresso in Singapore” with a lot of information. I went of course to Highlander, that’s a must and it was really great.Bought their Supremo Blend, delicious…”

MS ANNEMARIE TIEMES (http://coffeegeek.com/forums/worldregional/australasia/454764#454764)

“Easily the best coffee to be found in Singapore. They take their espresso very seriously indeed and take great pride in what they offer. The cafe is very small and reasonably difficult to find, as it is well off the beaten track – check their website for full instructions on how to get there. They also roast their own coffee, which is a rarity in Singapore, and the freshness shows in the cup. The baristas are very skilled and professional (the cafe also runs barista training courses) and all the staff are very friendly. The cafe interior is very clean and modern and the atmosphere is so-so, but this is more than made up for by the coffee. Limited food is available. The coffee prices are also worth mentioning: not only is it the best coffee in Singapore, it has to be the cheapest I found too. Definitely worth the trip.”

aldous2000deluxe (http://www.beanhunter.com/cafes/review/highlander-coffee)

“FOR people who really know and appreciate their coffee, Highlander is the top gourmet coffee destination in town. The cafe and coffee machine business, founded four years ago by brothers Phil Ho and Cedric Ho, is now located slightly off the beaten path in a shophouse along Kampong Bahru Road, but it has become a regular meeting place among a clique of committed coffee drinkers…Highlander sells coffee machines to offices and also supplies beans from places like Kenya, Costa Rica and Ethiopia, then roasts and blends the coffee to order as well.”


“Not so long ago, they drank only kopitiam brews. Today affable brothers Phil and Cedric Ho serve superb Italian-style coffees at their cafe, HIGHLANDER”


“But at cosy hole-in-the-wall cafe at Highlander in Kampong Bahru (not to be confused with Highlander Bar at Clarke Quay), brothers Phil, 42, and Cedric Ho, 34, mean business when they say they serve coffee. Their compact 30-seater shrouded in a heady haze of roasting beans is so warm and convivial that even customers who’ve gone on to open their own cafes remain regulars. The brothers conduct coffee making class behind the cafe…Arabica beans from places like Central America are roasted onsite and ground on demand so each cup is fresh. Machines are cleaned daily-something many other cafes don’t practice. Clogged machines compromised coffee quality. Milk is heated and aerated to the right temperature so it develops a silky froth and not bubble-bath lather. Phil reasons, ‘If you’re passionate about your coffee, you care about every single step. It’s a labour of love.’ Putting words to action, he lovingly prepares six brews the way they were meant to be made. Coping with crap coffee will be a bitch after this…You haven’t tasted true caffe latte till you’ve had one from Highlander. Lustrously thick, velvety milk caresses the toasty top notes of coffee in every sip”


“They call themselves “Coffee Nazis” not for nothing! They are almost missionary when discussing how they roast their own beans and construct their espressos…”


“The amount of ‘hands – on time’ was very generous which is a good thing! I also liked ‘learning from experience’ tips rather than theory for example, touching the jug to measure temperature instead of using a thermometer”
“Congratulations Phil & Cedric! I did enjoy the training thoroughly. Great place. Have to bring my wife to give her another coffee sampling”


“Congratulations! The discerning readers and editorial team of The Singapore Women’s Weekly have chosen Highlander Coffee as a winner in The Singapore Women’s Weekly Gold Plate Awards 2008, which honours excellence in food and dining…We hope you will display this award in your establishment to commemorate your flair, creativity and professional excellence. Once again, many congratulations on your well-deserved win!”


“Go check out a little hole in the wall place called Highlander Coffee. In a shop house close to SGH. These guys are true nuts about coffee, they blend their own (fantastic), have a little coffee shop (serve great coffee) and sell probably the best machines around, not cheap but seriously good. They also do training, which in my experience is actually an important factor when buying a coffee machine”


“…Due to training commitments (cycling) I hadn’t been able to get Highlander for a few months, despite being up in Singapore regularly. I’ve just arrived back from there and can say I was more than surprised, almost “shocked” at how the guys at Highlander are beginning to push the envelope in terms of quality. I should say that I have absolutely NO connection with the company, I’m just another customer there getting his morning coffee. Having said that I’m pretty keen to give credit, and it’s certainly due here. Some places I go to are quite arrogant when it comes to their product, despite the fact that it is often very ordinary. In stark contrast are the team at Highlander who are very modest about what they do and always interested in getting feedback. You certainly get the impression they file the opinion away and consider it carefully, a far cry from the dismissive attitude of some. The end result is they just keep getting better and better. When I first started going there I could safely say it was the best place in Singapore for coffee. It’s gone from that to the best place in Asia. Crema Cafe in Hong Kong does a great job, and their latte art is stunning, but for what’s in the cup Highlander takes it. I haven’t sat down and actually made a list, but off the top of my head I’d say Highlander would probably now make the top 10 outlets I’ve been to in the world, most certainly if consistency is considered. Trust me, that’s saying something! Generally speaking the places I’ve been to that I’ve considered “better” have been because their product is “distinct” or somewhat unique. The trouble with this is that it opens up the possibility for individual preference and taste, so a characteristic that one person may find very appealing, another may be completely turned off by it. I’m not sure that people will have an espresso at Highlander and go “wow!”, it’s more understated, what I’d call an “honest” shot, where it’s mild, balanced and extremely drinkable. Actually I think it perfectly reflects the personality of the owners. Just as importantly it’s exactly the same every time, and as anyone with any experience with this knows, getting consistency is often the most difficult part!…If you’re in Singapore do yourself a favour and head out there then let us know what you think as I’m always keen to compare what I consider a “good” outlet with what others think.”


Easily the best flat white in Singapore, and on top of that, everything is very reasonably priced too. Amazing coffee…
MS Samantha Lauw

…The coffee is great and people are genuine and unpretentious though experts in the field of coffee. A winning combination!
MS Victoria Dook

Great consistent coffee year after year. Well priced drinks, can get your supply of beans too as they are a roaster too. Only grouse is they close too early, good for the friendly staff but little bit inconvenient for me 😅
Kai Rene Teh

Thank you to all once again for making the event a memorable one.
Ms Jasmine Ho

Bristol Myers Squibb (Singapore) Pte Ltd

The best black coffee I have had in Singapore for almost a year. Smooth texture and well balanced flavor. I also buy roasted beans here so that I found grind and brew coffee at home. I come on a monthly basis and the quality never let me down. It’s a gem.
Mr Frank Fang

A nondescript place which is not difficult to get to provided you know how to walk there. They do serve coffee there but I go there to get my coffee beans. Found that they have a better pricing for the roasted beans compared to other roasters and the coffee is just as good.
Mr Benjamin Yang

Old is gold they say. Highlander has been around since before the artisanal hipster coffee trend started! They sell coffee, equipment and classes. Always worth a visit if you’re a coffee lover. Baristas are friendly and very approachable.
Mr Namdev Sachathep

Very good coffee with reasonable price. Ever since my husband and I move to Singapore, this is THE place for us to buy freshly roasted coffee beans

A group of individuals who love their craft, always service with a smile. I thoroughly enjoy their coffee. Worthy of 5 stars!
Mr Ethan He

Fresh beans, fresh brews. Excellent quality, first class service, good pricing.
Mr Simon Quek

Great coffee. One of the best in Singapore and also very reasonably priced.
Mr Muhammad Farid

Definitely one of the best coffee (if not the best) you can get in Singapore.
Mr Coleman Yee

Best coffee in Singapore! ‘Nuff said
Mr Aditya Pande

I have been visiting this place regularly in the last few years and it’s amazing how the consistency and quality of the coffee has been maintained. Most refreshing coffee in Singapore at the cost of bragging I must say I do know my coffees. A must go to place even if it can be a little out of the way.


How do you charge for your services?

We provide a standard espresso coffee bar station with one to two properly trained uniformed baristas to serve coffees to your guest. We charge base on either half a day (up to 200 cups for three to four hours) or full day service (up to 400 cups seven to eight hours). Weekend surcharges may apply.

For a quotation, please contact us.

What is your background and track record? Customers?
Starting in year 2006 at EVENTS, our mobile coffee station have been functioning as an extension for our ESPRESSO BAR to serve espresso coffees to delegates, visitors and customers.

Our past clients include IBM, Pfizer, Microsoft Dynamics, National Library Board, B.Braun, Symantec, SES New Skies, People’s Association, V2Pay, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Singapore Stock Exchange, ANZ, Ernst & Young, HP Summit, Facebook, Dell, Mundi Pharma, HSBC, OCBC, Singapore General Hospital and Unilever. Since the beginning of 2006, our coffee bar has been serving coffees to a wide spectrum coffee lovers from all over Singapore and the world.

What are the hot espresso beverages you will be serving?
The standard hot espresso coffee beverages we serve are:-

  • Espresso
  • Long Black (Americano)
  • Cappuccino
  • Caffe Latte

However, we may still be able to customise a menu for you if you do need to. For a quotation, please contact us.

What are the electrical and water requirements needed to support this?
Different locations for such events have different requirements; e.g. water accessibility, electrical power ratings etc… However, with our setup and experience, we are able to address most of these challenges. For more details, please contact us.
What are the recommended dimensions required for a espresso coffee station?

Generally a counter space of at least 1.2 metres in width and 70cm in depth are required for a proper espresso coffee station. For more details, please contact us.

Do you roast your own coffee beans and does Highlander Coffee possesses the required food safety certifications?
We pioneered INSTORE roasting in Aug 2006 with a 3kg Diedrich from USA for our own use at our espresso bar and retail beans. This is a Singapore NEA approved practice. As we naturally progress to the wholesale business, we outsourced our roasting to an AVA approved 3rd party roaster. In Singapore, it is illegal to roast beans instore (NEA certification) and supply wholesale to other food and beverage establishments. See http://www.ava.gov.sg/explore-by-sections/food/food-manufacturing-storage-innovation/overview-of-food-establishments-in-singapore

As our wholesale business grew, it is only right we eventually become a AVA certified wholesale roaster and supplier. End 2012, we finally WHOLLY OWN a roasting plant; producing coffee almost daily for both retail and wholesale with AVA (2012) and Halal (2015) certification. Our roasting facility is located at Food Exchange, 28 km away from our espresso bar (NEA certified since 2006)!

How often are your beans roasted?
At our Food Xchange roasting plant, we roast almost daily or at least four times a week! If you don’t plan well, you are likely to boast about roasting every day! Do not forget you still need to take care of machine maintenance and packing of beans!
Where are the beans sourced from?
Our beans are sourced from all over the world namely South America, Central America in Africa and Indonesia.
Why are these beans special? Flavor?
They are special because each has its own characteristics to add complexity to the flavours our customers desire. Typically, they are citrusy, sweet, nutty, herbal, earthy, spicy and full bodied.
Favorite roast? How do you get this flavor?
Medium to medium dark roast or city to full city as some will call it. We find that within this degree of roasts, there is a good balance of sweetness, bitterness, body and acidity. Ultimately this is what our customers approve of and keep coming back for more.
Why is Highlander Coffee unique?
We believe making good consistent coffee can be easily available or taught to everyone to greatly improve the quality of our beverage experience.

To be available to everyone it must be simple to master for an individual, organisation or a commercial establishment. Coffee should easily be learned and not intimidating or overcomplicated.

Since 2004, Highlander Coffee is committed to making it simple for anyone to experience good consistent coffee by sharing, serving, and support of our in-house roasted coffees, espresso coffee machines and coffee training workshops.

For more than a DECADE, our VALUES have kept us focused to achieve steady and consistent GROWTH. SIMPLY put, we want our customers to continue recognizing us as ENDURING, DEPENDABLE and CREDIBLE.

We have established a broad customer base that either enjoys coffee at our espresso bar or who purchases beans to savour at home. Commercial establishments and offices trust our roasts to serve their coffee customers and employees.

Look No Further.