Gourmet Coffees

10 quality single origin coffees for pourover filter to blends for your espresso. There’s something for everyone, whether it be home, office or commercial.

Coffee Academy

From coffee appreciation to professional workshops, we love to make it simple for you to learn, make and serve good consitent coffees; one cup at a time!

Welcome to Highlander Coffee, a pioneer Singapore Coffee Roaster since 2006!

In the tiny island of Singapore, we walk the talk on a daily basis with our roasters roasting specialty green beans at our roastery, brew and serve coffees at our espresso bar.


Instead of offering beans subscription, our customers pick up coffee at our shop and those ordering online do so as a bundle. At our retail shop, we gladly offer guides and tips to brewing a better cup. Our showroom showcases a range of fully automatic and traditional Italian espresso machines for homes, offices and commercial food and beverage establishments.

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