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Looking for the RIGHT coffee for your OFFICE, F&B ESTABLISHMENT or HOME?

  • FRESH tasting coffee is HARD TO COME BY!
  • Current coffee supplier cannot produce and supply GOOD CONSISTENT coffee
  • There are just too many OVERPRICED coffee out there MEDIOCRE at best?
  • Coffee suppliers make coffee drinking sounds like ROCKET SCIENCE. It’s just too intimidating!
  • FRESH is BEST. A local gourmet coffee roaster is definitely a plus because chances are coffees supplied can be really fresh. Yes there are reliable roasters in Singapore that deliver true FRESHNESS. You just have to know who they are.
  • Many out there focus on showcasing fancy sounding but very expensive coffees to impress you. The focus of the supplier should be WHAT TASTE GOOD FOR THE CUSTOMERS.
  • GOOD CONSISTENT COFFEE is definitely achievable with the RIGHT SUPPLIER and getting the COFFEE MAKING RIGHT.
  • HOW GOOD A COFFEE MEANS to a CUSTOMER is more IMPORTANT. Good coffee should not be mind boggling with big jargon, latest expensive equipment, complicated techniques and hype. On the contrary, SIMPLICITY and CONSISTENCY can result in greater ENJOYMENT of your coffee! LESS is actually MORE!
With no obligation, Highlander Coffee can help you find the IDEAL COFFEE BEANS for your OFFICE, F&B ESTABLISHMENT or HOME.

Roasting almost daily, we bring the freshest beans to your cafe establishment, office and home! Read what others have to say…

Try our house blend QUATTRO; served daily at our espresso bar. Choose from a selection of our classic single origin or espresso beans  for your own brew. Purchase online, pickup our beans at 49 Kampong Bahru Road OR contact us for a no obligation discussion regarding your personal, office or cafe needs.

Our coffees are:-

  1. Reasonably priced and well packaged
  2. Freshly inhouse roasted
  3. We have availability of a good selection of single origins and blends


  • You save more, enjoy more value-for-money
  • You will get to enjoy the fresh, smooth and consistent taste
  • You will be served with personalized, reliable service and friendly technical support

SIMPLY SAID, WE UNDERSTAND COFFEE BETTER. You will BENEFIT from our dedicated team of REAL PEOPLE with extensive PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE and on a DAILY basis:-

  • ROAST coffee for retail (2006) and wholesale (2012)
  • DISTRIBUTE and SERVICE coffee machines (2004)
  • WALK the talk by OWNING a cafe and SERVE coffee daily (2006)
  • PIONEER in COFFEE TRAINING and probably conducted the most number of classes in the WORLD (2004)!

We have been dealing with Espresso Coffee Machines and provided freshly roasted coffee beans to organisations and F&B outlets since 2004. Some of our coffee customers are Google, Landlease, Charles and Keith, Joe and Dough, W39, Cups and Canvas, Wimbly Lu, Coffee Stop, Chef Icon, Coffee Connect, Wong Partnership,, Allen and Gledhill, Global Orient, Lloyds of London, Lloyds Register, Paul Filtration, A-STAR, EMC Systems, Mitsubishi Corporation etc… Highlander Coffee Quick Factfile: We are a Singapore pioneer in the gourmet coffee business established for more than 10 years (since 2004). Our cafe has been around serving coffee to new and regular customers for over 9 years. Our coffee academy is reputed the longest standing educational platform reaching out to more people than anybody else in the WORLD! We now WHOLLY OWN a roasting plant producing coffee almost daily for both retail and wholesale! We are AVA (mandatory licence for wholesale supplies), Halal (whole plant) and NEA (our espresso bar) certified. We are currently one of notable home and commercial espresso machine importer distributor in the region for the VBM brand with keen repair and parts support capabilities. “…It’s not easy for me to get to your shop, so I was looking for an easy way to get to enjoy your yummy beans. I do enjoy the taste!” Mr Raymond Komen (New Zealand) “thank you HIGHLANDERIANS for your excellent coffee bean which kept us espredrated during 龍 Chinese New Year !!” Mr 陳海晗 (Singapore) “We at Jazz Café, in the Maldives loves your coffee! :)” Mr Yaseen Hameed (Maldives) “It’s been about 4 years since I first stepped in your cafe and you guys still make the best coffees around”. Mr Daryll Chan (Singapore) “Thanks Phil, IT was a great priviledge for me to find your shop and have such world class coffee. I hope your business goes over the top. blessings,…This is Phil, one of the owners of Highlander coffee. Check them out on the web… best coffee in the world!” Mr Michael Card (American Christian singer-songwriter, musician, author, and radio host from Franklin, Tennessee and Facebook Album) “if personal attention to the production line is key to the artisanal push, then unpretentious down-to-earth brothers Phil and Cedric Ho of Highlander Coffee are often cited as the early adopters of more holistic control over their cup – bringing in green beans, roasting on-site (even on demand), grinding on demand, brewing to perfection. They serve up the best cup of flat white I’ve had in Singapore so far. “ “Hi guys… awesome to meet up earlier today. Definitely the best and most enjoyable coffee I’ve had in Singapore ever!!! Looking forward to run your Supremo blend through our Cimbali for my morning coffee =) Cheers!…Thanks guys! Awesome work you guys doing! Best coffee in Singapore for sure! Sander.” Mr Sander Blauw (Netherlands)

Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to make something simple.

Richard Branson

English business magnate, investor, and philanthropist, Virgin Group

For offices and F&B establishments, do you provide FREE samples for trial if we are interested?

Office and Existing F&B Establishment

If you keen to SAMPLE the variety of our coffees in small quantities, you may EMAIL ([email protected]) to PURCHASE them by cash at WHOLESALE prices, we will deliver to you FREE-OF-CHARGE, without the minimum order requirement. Applicable for FIRST TIME TRIAL ORDER ONLY.

Alternatively, please make an appointment to come by our showroom to taste the different coffees with NO OBLIGATION. Tel: 62261686, 49 Kampong Bahru Road S(169362).


Startup F&B Establishment

Please make an appointment (Tel: 62261686 or email: [email protected] with your contacts to taste our coffees at 49 Kampong Bahru Rd. Singapore 169362.

Do you roast your own coffee beans and does Highlander Coffee possesses the required food safety certifications?
We pioneered INSTORE roasting in Aug 2006 with a 3kg Diedrich from USA for our own use at our espresso bar and retail beans. This is a Singapore NEA approved practice. As we naturally progress to the wholesale business, we outsourced our roasting to an AVA approved 3rd party roaster.

In Singapore, it is illegal to roast beans instore (NEA certification) and supply wholesale to other food and beverage establishments. See

As our wholesale business grew, we eventually become a AVA certified wholesale roaster and supplier. End 2012, we finally WHOLLY OWN a roasting plant; producing coffee almost daily for both retail and wholesale with AVA (2012) and Halal (2015) certification. Our roasting facility is located at Food Exchange, 28 km away from our espresso bar (NEA certified since 2006)!

How often are your beans roasted?
At our Food Xchange roasting plant, we roast almost daily or at least four times a week! If you don’t plan well, you are likely to boast about roasting every day! Realistically we still need to take care of machine maintenance and packing of beans!
Where are the beans sourced from?
Our beans are sourced from all over the world from origins in South America, Central America in Africa and Indonesia.
Why are these beans special? Flavor?
They are special because each has its own characteristics to add complexity to the flavours our customers desire. Typically, they are citrusy, sweet, nutty, herbal, earthy, spicy and full bodied.
Favorite roast? How do you get this flavor?
Medium to medium dark roast or city to full city as some will call it. We find that within these degree of roasts, there is a good balance of sweetness, bitterness, body and acidity. Ultimately this is what our customers approve of and keep coming back for more.
Why is Highlander Coffee unique?
We believe making good consistent coffee can be easily available or taught to everyone to greatly improve the quality of our beverage experience. To be available to everyone it must be simple to master for an individual, organisation or a commercial establishment. Coffee should easily be learned and not intimidating or overcomplicated. Since 2004, Highlander Coffee is committed to making it simple for anyone to experience good consistent coffee by sharing, serving, and support of our in-house roasted coffees, espresso coffee machines and coffee training workshops. For more than a DECADE, our VALUES have kept us focused to achieve steady and consistent GROWTH. SIMPLY put, we want our customers to continue recognizing us as ENDURING, DEPENDABLE and CREDIBLE. We have established a broad customer base that either enjoys coffee at our espresso bar or who purchases beans to savour at home. Commercial establishments and offices trust our roasts to serve their coffee customers and employees.
Where and how can I start buying your coffee beans?
You may PURCHASE ONLINE, pick up coffee beans at our retail cafe and shop 49 Kampong Bahru Road OR contact us for a no obligation discussion regarding your PERSONAL, OFFICE OR CAFE needs.


Incredible locally roasted coffee at unbeatable prices and excellent customer service, not to mention the fastest and most reliable shipping times among the local roasters that I have tried. When we finally bought an espresso machine for our home, there was no doubt in my mind that I’d be getting my usual supply of beans from Highlander. I’ve ordered Quattro, Supremo, and Trio blends so far and all have gotten raves from family and guests. It’s easy to fall in love with coffee over and over again with their beans – thank you, Highlander Coffee!

Ann Yeong

Good old proper medium roasts! So underrated just because they haven’t got the hipster interior design down, but these guys have decent roast without the hoo ha, and they train baristas so you’re not going to be caught out with a badly pulled shot.

Dr Cheryl Kam

Highlander was one the earliest cafes that roasted and sold its own beans, even before cafes became hipster and artisanal. I think they contributed to the development of the coffee scene by brewing excellent coffee, being uncompromising in all steps of preparation, and roasting consistently high quality beans for home baristas like me. I have been buying beans from them for about 10 years.

Ivan Liew

This is Luc from last week’s coffee workshop! I just tried the Quattro Blend at home and it’s really good! Will definitely buy again!

Jean Luc Tin Sive

We’ve never had a bad coffee here, as each pour has come out smooth, aromatic and full of flavour. It helps that they hand roast their beans in house and that the staff are super friendly and helpful, so they can walk you through the options and help create the perfect cup for your exact tastes.

You guys, your kopi and good customer service are unforgettable! 😁

Ms Serene Lim

Easily the best flat white in Singapore, and on top of that, everything is very reasonably priced too. Amazing coffee…
MS Samantha Lauw

…The coffee is great and people are genuine and unpretentious though experts in the field of coffee. A winning combination!
MS Victoria Dook

Attended a mini workshop on coffee. Cosy place with a friendly boss!
Mr Aurelius Yeo

Great consistent coffee year after year. Well priced drinks, can get your supply of beans too as they are a roaster too. Only grouse is they close too early, good for the friendly staff but little bit inconvenient for me 😅
Kai Rene Teh

The best black coffee I have had in Singapore for almost a year. Smooth texture and well balanced flavor. I also buy roasted beans here so that I found grind and brew coffee at home. I come on a monthly basis and the quality never let me down. It’s a gem.
Mr Frank Fang

Old is gold they say. Highlander has been around since before the artisanal hipster coffee trend started! They sell coffee, equipment and classes. Always worth a visit if you're a coffee lover. Baristas are friendly and very approachable.

Mr Namdev Sachathep

A nondescript place which is not difficult to get to provided you know how to walk there. They do serve coffee there but I go there to get my coffee beans. Found that they have a better pricing for the roasted beans compared to other roasters and the coffee is just as good.
Mr Benjamin Yang

Very good coffee with reasonable price. Ever since my husband and I move to Singapore, this is THE place for us to buy freshly roasted coffee beans

A group of individuals who love their craft, always service with a smile. I thoroughly enjoy their coffee. Worthy of 5 stars!
Mr Ethan He

Fresh beans, fresh brews. Excellent quality, first class service, good pricing.
Mr Simon Quek

Great coffee. One of the best in Singapore and also very reasonably priced.
Mr Muhammad Farid

Definitely one of the best coffee (if not the best) you can get in Singapore.
Mr Coleman Yee

Best coffee in Singapore! ‘Nuff said
Mr Aditya Pande

I have been visiting this place regularly in the last few years and it’s amazing how the consistency and quality of the coffee has been maintained. Most refreshing coffee in Singapore at the cost of bragging I must say I do know my coffees. A must go to place even if it can be a little out of the way.

What Others Say…


Single-origin coffee is coffee grown within a single known geographic origin. Sometimes this is a single farm, or a specific collection of beans from a single country. The name of the coffee is then usually the place it was grown to whatever degree available. You will be experiencing the inherent flavours of the single-origin coffee. It is recommended to enjoy it using the French Press method. However, there is no hard and fast rules on which is the right method to use. Coffee tastes and preferences are very subjective. Therefore you may try the coffees in different brewing methods and determine what is best for you. Some coffee lovers prefer acidity over bitterness or vice-versa. Some prefer more body or a specific flavour; say nuttiness or fruitiness. There is no end to the argument which is the best. It is up to the individual taste and preference! So take it easy and enjoy your cup of coffee!


Espresso blends are highly recommended for the espresso coffee machine, moka pot or electrical filter machine. As the word implies, it is a combination of single-origin coffees to make up the blend. You will be experiencing a much complex flavour from a blended coffee as compared to single origin coffee. Again, there is no right or wrong to which is the right brewing method to use. There are people who enjoy a blend using the French Press or Aeropress method. Again, individual  tastes and preferences are very subjective. Therefore you may try the coffees with the different brewing methods and decide what is best for you. Some coffee lovers prefer acidity over bitterness or vice-versa. Some prefer more body over specific flavour; say nuttiness or fruitiness. There is no end to the argument which is the best. It is up to the individual taste and preference! So take it easy and enjoy your cup of coffee!









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