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Enjoy peace of mind with your machine repaired and serviced by Highlander Coffee!

  • Who can we trust to handle my coffee machine? 
  • Does the vendor in question have the necessary skills and professionalism to repair and service my coffee machine? 
  • Are the charges too exorbitant to warrant repair? 
  • How fast can my machine be serviceable?
  • There are many vendors out there who is involve in the coffee business for the following areas: coffee roasting and supplies, cafe operations, coffee machine supplies, repairs, coffee training etc...but only a handful can truly say they are a one-stop-shop with a SOLID TRACK RECORD FOR REPAIRING AND SERVICING COFFEE MACHINES.


  • There are several freelance technicians in the market who can do the job. The risk is on the issue of continuity. 


  • You need someone to honestly access the repair costs and advise you whether it's worth spending money to recover it or not.


  • If repair work does not require parts replacement, downtime should be anytime from a day to a week for inhouse repair and service. If spares are not available, additional waiting time would be added on.

TECHNICALLY SUPPORTING customers daily in Singapore and our neighbouring countries, we do more than teaching and making coffee!  We have recovered countless coffee machines over the last decade not just on our own brands but other makes and models as well!




SIMPLY SAID, WE UNDERSTAND COFFEE BETTER. You will BENEFIT from our dedicated team of REAL PEOPLE with extensive PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE and on a DAILY basis:-


  • ROAST coffee for retail (2006) and wholesale (2012)
  • DISTRIBUTE and SERVICE coffee machines (2004)
  • WALK the talk by OWNING a cafe and SERVE coffee daily (2006)
  • PIONEER in COFFEE TRAINING and probably conducted the most number of classes in the WORLD (2004)!


Highlander Coffee Quick Factfile: We are a Singapore pioneer in the gourmet coffee business established for more than 10 years (since 2004). Our cafe has been around serving coffee to new and regular customers for over a decade. Our coffee academy is reputed the longest standing educational platform reaching out to more people than anybody else in the WORLD! We now WHOLLY OWN a roasting plant producing coffee almost daily for both retail and wholesale! We are AVA (mandatory licence for wholesale supplies), Halal (whole plant) and NEA (our espresso bar) certified. We are currently one of notable home and commercial espresso machine importer distributor in the region for the VBM brand with keen repair and parts support capabilities.


For the latest reference to the event serving coffee for our corporate clients, please visit our Facebook page. For your information, all the coffees served produced at our Food Xchange production facility are AVA and Halal certified. Our espresso bar has been operating with an NEA licence renewed yearly over the last more than 10 years!

afternoon Phil, our coffee machine has been fixed. Thanks for getting it repaired so fast. now we all can enjoy a good cup of coffee… thank you.

Ms Aileen Sim

Song Zu

Thanks Phil for coming down personally with your grinder, set up and demo. Greatly appreciate your dedication to your customers. Can see why your customers remain loyal. Haha.  God Bless your works. ..Thank you once again for the help in time of need. Appreciate your help and dedication greatly.

Ms Christina Wong

Cafe Manager

Great service today – thank you. Azlan & Jefrey were excellent – the machine is working beautifully again ….Thank you and please pass on our thanks to your guys.

Ms Marion Hollier

Hey welcome Phil thanks for the excellent service

Mr Desmond Koh

Awesome service! Thanks Cedric for the home visit to work out what was going on with my machine…glad is wasn’t anything too serious and I can get a great coffee from it again..Totally awesome service….in NZ I’d have to lug the beast down to my car and take it in!
Ms Tonia Still (New Zealand)

Hi phil : i would like to this chance to thank you for the wonderful service you rendered to me and my espresso machine.
Mr Kelvin Chan

Thanks Phil and Cedric for solving my problem. You guys are definitely very good and sincere businessmen who knows their stuff. All my friends will definitely get to know about you guys!…So nice to taste real coffee after 2 weeks. Yum yum
Mr Raymond Chan (A home espresso machine owner)

Phil, Many thanks to Cedric for taking such good care of my DomoBar. It gave me great peace of mind that it was handled by someone who understands how to treat the machine. And to have it returned in even better condition than it left the old place was a bonus! Love the new big knobs and it has the new machine shine again. Thanks again. Cheers.
Ms Suzanne Roat, PhD, P.E. (U.S.A.)

I have to give special praise to Cedric, Phil and the team for once again taking great care of my aging Isomac. As well as making and roasting great coffee Highlander offer a coffee machine repair service and I must say that they’ve had mine in for servicing and repairs regularly since 2013. Polite, knowledgeable and efficient. It’s all I want. Great service. Thanks.
Mr Davo-Singapore

big thanx to Highlander Coffee for their speedy and expert service enabling my machine to be up and running with almost no downtime!…ya plus he help me zhng my pressure, change some o rings, and even the power plug change to 3 pin sg type… where to find such power?
Mr Jonathan Ho (Singapore)

Briefly tell me about Highlander Coffee's background and track record on technical support?
For more than a decade, we have built up a robust TECHNICAL CAPABILITY to support the distribution of espresso machines serving homes, offices and commercial establishments. Customers enjoy PEACE-OF-MIND through our sound troubleshooting knowhow on services, repair and spare parts support.
How do you charge for your services?

Our charges are based on transport, labour, parts, within/after office hours and the severity of the problem. For carry-in repairs, there will be no transport charges.


For a quotation, please contact us.

What is is typical repair and service downtime?
If repair work does not require parts replacement, downtime should be anytime from a day to a week for inhouse repair and service. If spares are not available, additional waiting time would be added on.
What are the brands you can repair and service?

Generally, we can support most brands in the market up to commercial grades. These machines are built-to-last solid boiler type models compared to the consumer-focused thermoblock ones.

Machines purchased from say Singapore departmental stores (Tangs, Takashimaya, Harvey Norman and Best Denki) should come with a 1 year warranty. Buyers are advised to first contact the importer/agent for after-sales support before approaching others. Common brands are Nespresso, De’Longhi, Saeco, Gaggia and Krups.

In any case if you are at wits’ end, please contact us.

Do you roast your own coffee beans and does Highlander Coffee possesses the required food safety certifications?

We pioneered INSTORE roasting in Aug 2006 with a 3kg Diedrich from USA for our own use at our espresso bar and retail beans. This is a Singapore NEA approved practice. As we naturally progress to the wholesale business, we outsourced our roasting to an AVA approved 3rd party roaster. In Singapore, it is illegal to roast beans instore (NEA certification) and supply wholesale to other food and beverage establishments. See


As our wholesale business grew, it is only right we eventually become a AVA certified wholesale roaster and supplier. End 2012, we finally WHOLLY OWN a roasting plant; producing coffee almost daily for both retail and wholesale with AVA (2012) and Halal (2015) certification. Our roasting facility is located at Food Exchange, 28 km away from our espresso bar (NEA certified since 2006)!

How often are your beans roasted?

At our Food Xchange roasting plant, we roast almost daily or at least four times a week! If you don’t plan well, you are likely to boast about roasting every day! It is crucial to focus on machine maintenance and proper packing of beans!

Where are the beans sourced from?
Our beans are sourced from all over the world namely South America, Central America in Africa and Indonesia.
Why are these beans special? Flavor?
They are special because each has its own characteristics to add complexity to the flavours our customers desire. Typically, they are citrusy, sweet, nutty, herbal, earthy, spicy and full bodied.
Favorite roast? How do you get this flavor?
Medium to medium dark roast or city to full city as some will call it. We find that within this degree of roasts, there is a good balance of sweetness, bitterness, body and acidity. Ultimately this is what our customers approve of and keep coming back for more.
Why is Highlander Coffee unique?

We believe making good consistent coffee can be easily available or taught to everyone to greatly improve the quality of our beverage experience.


To be available to everyone it must be simple to master for an individual, organisation or a commercial establishment. Coffee should easily be learned and not intimidating or overcomplicated.


Since 2004, Highlander Coffee is committed to making it simple for anyone to experience good consistent coffee by sharing, serving, and support of our in-house roasted coffees, espresso coffee machines and coffee training workshops.


For more than a DECADE, our VALUES have kept us focused to achieve steady and consistent GROWTH. SIMPLY put, we want our customers to continue recognizing us as ENDURING, DEPENDABLE and CREDIBLE.


We have established a broad customer base that either enjoys coffee at our espresso bar or who purchases beans to savour at home. Commercial establishments and offices trust our roasts to serve their coffee customers and employees.

Look No Further.