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Be trained and prepared for a career to serve in gourmet specialty coffee!

Our quality hands-on coffee training will prepare you to become a professional in the coffee industry! With our experience dating back to Nov 2004 with several thousands trained participants. Read what our past participants have to say…

  • Had enough of paying and drinking overly-priced, inconsistent bad espresso coffee at cafes?
  • Exploring to buy an espresso machine and be trained to be a home barista?
  • I want to improve on my barista skills, to make great commercial quality espresso coffee at home or my establishment
  • Where and who can trust to truly help me learn to make a espresso coffee?
  • Does the coffee academy in question have the track record and competence to deliver quality training?
  • Yes it is possible to make great commercial espresso coffees at home or office with the right skills, coffee beans and equipment. You just need to find the right one.
  • There are machines out there that would every need and budget. Acquiring the right skills is the key to great tasting coffee.
  • With the right people providing the right training, your barista skills can definitely improve and yes you surely can make great commercial quality coffee at home or establishment.
  • The market is flooded vendors out there who is involve in coffee in the following areas: coffee roasting and supplies, cafe operations, coffee machine supplies, coffee training etc…but only a handful can truly say they are a one-stop-shop with a SOLID TRACK RECORD FOR CONSISTENCY.
  • With no obligation, Highlander Coffee can help you to address these challenges and more…
As a PIONEER in coffee education since 2004, our aim is to educate, empower and help coffee lovers experience good consistent coffee. Our workshops are passionately delivered with an emphasis on SIMPLICITY.
We ARE most probably the LARGEST coffee academy in the WORLD; not only for the number of people we have taught, but also class frequencies and most importantly sensible fees!
Highlander Coffee Quick Factfile: We are a Singapore pioneer in the gourmet coffee business established for more than 10 years (since 2004). Our cafe has been around serving coffee to new and regular customers for over a decade. Our coffee academy is reputed the longest standing educational platform reaching out to more people than anybody else in the WORLD! We now WHOLLY OWN a roasting plant producing coffee almost daily for both retail and wholesale! We are AVA (mandatory licence for wholesale supplies), Halal (whole plant) and NEA (our espresso bar) certified. We are currently one of notable home and commercial espresso machine importer distributor in the region for the VBM brand with keen repair and parts support capabilities.


SIMPLY SAID, WE UNDERSTAND COFFEE BETTER. You will BENEFIT from our dedicated team of REAL PEOPLE with extensive PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE and on a DAILY basis:-

  • ROAST coffee for retail (2006) and wholesale (2012)
  • DISTRIBUTE and SERVICE coffee machines (2004)
  • WALK the talk by OWNING a cafe and SERVE coffee daily (2006)
  • PIONEER in COFFEE TRAINING and probably conducted the most number of classes in the WORLD (2004)!

For the latest reference to the our coffee classes, please visit our Facebook page. For your information, all the coffees served produced at our Food Xchange production facility are AVA and Halal certified. Our espresso bar has been operating with an NEA licence renewed yearly over the last more than 10 years!

The company has been featured by major media namely HER World, Berita Harian, The New Paper, The Sunday Times, MediaCorp Channel U, ZaoBao, IS Magazine, The Singapore Women’s Weekly,, Business Times, The Straits Times, WoBao and Eight Days. Read more…


Who should Attend?

1. Planning to start your own cafe in the future and serve quality espresso beverages with latte art.

2. Existing cafe owners who did not manage to learn proper barista skills and best practices.

3. Currently working as a Barista but keen to master the correct techniques to make that great espresso beverages.


Course Objectives

Upon completion, the attendee will be able to:-

  • attain a good understanding to making a good cup of coffee.
  • carry out the best practices and learn effective techniques required of a professional barista to consistently produce great tasting espresso beverages.
  • learn the tip and tricks of pouring latte art.


Outline Details

Topic Name Duration (Minutes) Objectives
Brief History of Coffee 10 To familiarize with where & how it was discovered; where it was first cultivated, roasted; how it first came to Europe & the Americas; its social & economic significance, etc.
Understanding the bean? 5 Gain an understanding of coffee (botanically)- the significant species, their flavour, aromatic, and chemical characteristics, where they grow; processes for preparing beans for export; decaffeination processes
Roasting 101 15 Gain an understanding of the roasting process- methods of roasting; effects on the bean’s flavor characteristics and chemical components as the roast level darkens; preferred espresso roasts; typical roasting terms (levels of roast); importance and methods of blending; peak freshness, proper storage
Keys to a Good Brew 30 A good appreciation of the importance of coffee storage freshness, water quality, water temperature, brewing ratio, grinding coffee
Cupping Coffee 30 A good understanding of tasting terms: fragrance, aroma, acidity, body, flavour
Single Origins Coffee 15 A overview of the taste profile of coffees from different continents. Includes a discussion on taste subjectivity.
Let’s make coffee with the French Press 30 Tips and tricks to a better cup
Let’s make coffee with the Pour-over method 30 Tips and tricks to a better cup
Let’s make coffee with the Aeropress 30 Tips and tricks to a better cup
Principles of Espresso Making 10 To achieve a sound understanding of what makes a good espresso.
Exploring The Different Espresso  Beverages 15 To get updated on the latest and different definition of the drinks  served commercially.
Essence of Stretching and Texturing Milk 15 To gain a detailed knowledge of how to correctly stretch and texture milk  for  wonderful milk based espresso  beverages.
Overview of the Espresso Machine and Grinder 10 To understand the workings and safety  precautions of the various espresso  machines components and functions.
Preparing the Coffee Work Station 15 To appreciate the importance of  preparatory  work and the essential  barista tools needed  to achieve good  coffee making.
Demonstration On Making the Various Espresso Beverages and Latte Art 15 To learn the proper sequence and  different  techniques used to make  core commercial  espresso drinks with  milk art.
Barista Trainees Hands-On Making on espresso beverages 120 To augment theory learned earlier by  going  hands-on to efficiently make  core espresso  beverages.
Espresso Machine and Grinder Maintenance 20 To fully appreciate the importance of  regular  espresso machine  maintenance and how to  do it.
Course Summary and Q & A 15 To answer any doubts during the class.
Coffee Quizz 30 Participants are expected to achieve a score of 75%
Total Time 7 to 7.5 Hours

Course Fees

  • SGD 426.93 (SGD 399.00 + 7% GST )


Funding Guide

(Singapore Citizens only)
SC > 25 YEARS OLD Up to SGD 426.93 SGD 0




  • No prior coffee making knowledge and experience preferred.
  • Have an open mind and strong desire to master new coffee making techniques.


Class Size

At least 2, maximum 3 participants


Teaching Style

Mostly hands-on, concise and laser focused on theory.



7 – 7.5 hours.


Award of Certificate

Participants will be awarded a ‘Certificate of Achievement’ after successfully scoring at least 75% in a quizz.

Look No Further.

…We’re indeed very grateful to you with regards to your “teaching” us more about the coffee business, as well as this was the first time I have tasted such a good cup of cappuccino and cafe latte…Thank you and Cedric once again for your patient and thorough teaching of the course these two days. Our staff are very happy to know more about Coffee, as well as they are more confident in brewing a GOOD cup of coffee for the customers.
Ms Joy Tang (The Royals Café Singapore)

Very Practical. Thank you for an outstanding session and sharing your passion and expertise.
Mr Calvin Fawle (Melbourne, Australia)

I am impressed by the honesty, passion and experience of the trainers. They give sincere and honest tips to the students. I enjoyed myself at this workshop. Thank you!
Ms Avril Ung (Singapore)

I am impressed at the small class size and yet 2 delicate instructors instructing us. They also effectively answer our concerns. A pleasant surprise of the certificate certainly surprised me!
Ms Celestine Song Wanyi (Singapore)

Wonderful hand-holding session! : Trainers friendly and helpful! Thanks a lot!
Ms Laura Ng Wee Hoong (Singapore)

The hands-on element is great!
Mr Simon Valentine (New Zealand)

The experience and knowledge that the instructors bring to the class is very good.
Mr Seamus Lim (Singapore)

A total fun and interesting experiences throughout.
Mr Tommy Soh (The Sandwich Shop, Singapore)

It was a good experience to learn or to add more knowledge of how to make coffee. The micro foam method is a good way to serve a good coffee. Thank you for teaching us!
Ms Nelia I. Torrefranca (The Sandwich Shop, Singapore)

I know more about coffee, about how to do the correct steam milk, how to pour the latte art and how to maintenance the machine and grinder. Before doing this course, I don’t know what the difference between espresso, ristretto, etc but I get more knowledge after attending this course.
Kevin Stenly (Bandung, Indonesia)

Superb knowledge of instructor and training facilitators. Great Course!
Mr Simon Kee (Singapore)

What Others Say…

Who should attend?
  • Anyone planning to start your own cafe in the future to serve quality espresso beverages with latte art.
  • Existing cafe owners who did not manage to learn proper barista skills and best practices.
  • Currently working as a Barista but keen to master the correct techniques to make that great espresso beverages.
  • Coffee lovers who plan to own or already have espresso machines at home wishing to acquire the proper coffee making skills for that tasty espresso, cappuccino or caffe latte.
What is the course duration and fee per participant?
  • Course duration is 3 to 3.5 hours.
What is your background and track record? Who are your customers that have attended this programme?
As a PIONEER in coffee education since 2004, our aim is to educate, empower and help coffee lovers experience good consistent coffee. Our workshops are passionately delivered with an emphasis on SIMPLICITY.

We ARE most probably the LARGEST coffee academy in the WORLD; not only for the number of people we have taught, but also class frequencies and most importantly sensible fees!

Besides the tens of thousands individuals from the public, our past seminar clients include IBM Singapore, Port of Singapore Authority, Deloitte Consulting, Philips Singapore, Infocus Asia , ITE, NUSS, NTU Alumni Club, People’s Association islandwide community clubs, Qatar Airways, Tech Semiconductor Singapore, Oracle University, SAFRA, McDermott, Exxon Mobil, ACCA, UOB Call Centre, ST Kinetics, ST Engineering, Raffles Institution, Raffles Girls School, Victoria Junior College, Anderson Junior College, Beatty Secondary School, Fairfield Methodist Secondary School, Microsoft Singapore, Immigration and Customs Authority, NTUC Income, Ministry of Health, Hewlett Packard, Singapore General Hospital, Economic Development Board, Tetra Singapore, Work Development Agency, Microsoft Regional, Fuji Xerox, Imperium Solutions, Singapore Police Force, Nestle Professional, Givaudan, IFF Asia Pacific, Eminence, IPP Financial Advisers, Symrise Asia Pacific, Singapore Stock Exchange, Ministry of Education, JTC, Ernst & Young, SingTel…just to name a few!

The company has been featured by major media namely HER World, Berita Harian, The New Paper, The Sunday Times, MediaCorp Channel U, ZaoBao, IS Magazine, The Singapore Women’s Weekly,, Business Times, The Straits Times, WoBao and Eight Days. Read more…

What is the Gourmet Coffee Appreciation Workshop course content?
The learning objectives of this 2 to 2.5 hours seminar are:-

  1. Demystifying local “kopitiam” coffee
  2. Quick glance at the history of coffee
  3. Getting to know what is coffee?
  4. Tips to making that perfect cup
  5. Discussion on taste subjectivity
  6. Gain an understanding of what makes the perfect espresso, cappuccino and caffe latte
  7. Demonstrations of the various home coffee brewing methods
  8. Watching live espresso extraction and latte art on coffee in action

Over the years, this workshop has evolved to become an ideal session for one of organisation choice of team building activities. It engages participants with lots of Q & A and high level of interactivity with the participants such as quizzes, coffee tasting and sharing of real life experiences. For those in your group that are highly enthusiastic, we can facilitate hands-on coffee making with latte art during the later part of the class.

You may wish to know that Highlander Coffee is the only one in the market capable of truly bringing a live coffee kiosk to you complete with commercial equipments and accessories for the session to be so experiential and exciting. Our seminar is guaranteed engaging with lots of live demonstrations and Q & A. Every paying participant will get to sample various specialty coffees and each attendee will enjoy a coffee beverage of their choice at the end of the seminar.

Are there any pre-requisites to attend this programme?
As long as you have an open mind and the willingness to learn, anyone can greatly benefit from this course. Coffee is not rocket science but we must have a solid grounding on coffee fundamentals before going in depth with the more advanced stuff. This is where the programme stands out!

If you do not have any background or very little knowledge in coffee, we strongly suggest you attend the Gourmet Coffee Appreciation workshop first. You may wish to then attend the Coffee Cupping Workshop where we share with participants how to taste coffee and learn about the coffee origins from the different continents. Lastly, you may choose to sign up for our Professional Intensive Hands-on Barista Workshop where you get to learn hands-on the art and science the preparing espresso beverages with the commercial espresso machine.

Do you roast your own coffee beans and does Highlander Coffee possesses the required food safety certifications?
We pioneered INSTORE roasting in Aug 2006 with a 3kg Diedrich from USA for our own use at our espresso bar and retail beans. This is a Singapore NEA approved practice. As we naturally progress to the wholesale business, we outsourced our roasting to an AVA approved 3rd party roaster. In Singapore, it is illegal to roast beans instore (NEA certification) and supply wholesale to other food and beverage establishments. See

As our wholesale business grew, it is only right we eventually become a AVA certified wholesale roaster and supplier. End 2012, we finally WHOLLY OWN a roasting plant; producing coffee almost daily for both retail and wholesale with AVA (2012) and Halal (2015) certification. Our roasting facility is located at Food Exchange, 28 km away from our espresso bar (NEA certified since 2006)!

How often are your beans roasted?
At our Food Xchange roasting plant, we roast almost daily or at least four times a week! If you don’t plan well, you are likely to boast about roasting every day! Do not forget you still need to take care of machine maintenance and packing of beans!
Where are the beans sourced from?
Our beans are sourced from all over the world namely South America, Central America in Africa and Indonesia.
Why are these beans special? Flavor?
They are special because each has its own characteristics to add complexity to the flavours our customers desire. Typically, they are citrusy, sweet, nutty, herbal, earthy, spicy and full bodied.
Favorite roast? How do you get this flavor?
Medium to medium dark roast or city to full city as some will call it. We find that within this degree of roasts, there is a good balance of sweetness, bitterness, body and acidity. Ultimately this is what our customers approve of and keep coming back for more.
Why is Highlander Coffee unique?
We believe making good consistent coffee can be easily available or taught to everyone to greatly improve the quality of our beverage experience.

To be available to everyone it must be simple to master for an individual, organisation or a commercial establishment. Coffee should easily be learned and not intimidating or overcomplicated.

Since 2004, Highlander Coffee is committed to making it simple for anyone to experience good consistent coffee by sharing, serving, and support of our in-house roasted coffees, espresso coffee machines and coffee training workshops.

For more than a DECADE, our VALUES have kept us focused to achieve steady and consistent GROWTH. SIMPLY put, we want our customers to continue recognizing us as ENDURING, DEPENDABLE and CREDIBLE.

We have established a broad customer base that either enjoys coffee at our espresso bar or who purchases beans to savour at home. Commercial establishments and offices trust our roasts to serve their coffee customers and employees.

Look No Further.