Highlander Coffee Roasted Gourmet Coffee Beans


Thanks Zeeya and Phil for the assistance and all! Our participants certainly had good words to say of your workshop. Appreciate you and your team’s efforts, may you continue to spread the love of coffee and its appreciation in Sg.

Mr Tang Kai Him (Singapore Refining Company Pte Ltd)


Dear Phil/Cedric, On behalf of the Protiviti Singapore team, I would like to say a big Thank You to the Highlander crew! From logistics and coordination down to the minute details, to conducting a highly entertaining and yet informative session on coffee (be it local kopi, coffee from the big green logo, brew of the day and many more!) , you have done a very good job there and we all enjoyed our time at Highlander Cafe immensely…Lastly, I would also like to thank Zya for her prompt follow-up. We will help spread the word about the Gourmet Coffee Appreciation Seminar that Highlander Cafe conducts!! Thanks & Regards,”

Ms Elisa Seah (Protiviti Singapore)


Hi Phil, Cedric, Guoli and team, On behalf of Keppel Land, I would like to thank you for a wonderful evening. We now learnt the difference between KOPI and coffee!I shared my experience with my husband and he was impressed by it, I am bringing him to Highlander this Saturday morning to start his day off with a good cup of coffee!

Ms San San (Keppel Land)


“I have enjoyed myself during the workshop. The programmes in the workshop had been well laid out to allow participants like myself to have a good grasp of coffee basic. And I think the opportunity for hands on experience of making coffee made the workshop even more meaningful. Most important of all, I now have a different perception for Highlander coffee….. GOOD COFFEE!”

Jase Chua (Keppel Land)


“I really enjoyed the workshop, and I think it was quite informative and entertaining and the team are very knowledgeable in terms of coffee.”

Andrew Chin (Keppel Land)


“Dear Phil, Thank you so much hosting us yesterday. The workshop was interesting and informative. Even myself, who is merely a “once in a while go to the place with the big white cup stamped with the green logo to chill out with friends” peasant of a coffee drinker, enjoyed it very much especially the hands-on part. Your efforts, alongside with the other trainers are well appreciated. Oh, and the cookies were marvellous! Thanks!

-Clarissa 🙂 (Fairfield Methodist Secondary School)


“Hi Joyce, Thanks for reminding me and reserving a place for me at the Highlander coffee workshop. I enjoyed myself thoroughly and learned a whole lot about drinking coffee. I’m especially proud of the two Ho brothers. I consider them national treasures. You can tell that they have a great passion for what they are doing. They conducted the workshop with such simplicity and sincerity, dishing out every piece of nugget with so much love and professionalism. I really walked away from this workshop thoroughly enthused with what I heard and learnt. I now know where to go for my favourite beverage. Thanks again for your effort, Joyce. Sincerely”



“Dear Phil and Cedric. Thank you for a really interesting and enjoyable morning in your Cafe’ – surely we tested some extraordinary coffee blends and learn about different ways to brew it and the origin of this so well know beverage – the video was very good and so full of knowledge – as you said it will make me to appreciate the coffee even more now! Everybody seemed to enjoy it and see how people interacted and how busy you both looked to make coffees for us I guess it was a great success – hopefully to be repeated next year Thanks again and best regards”

Ms Raffaella Assi and the ANZA (Australia New Zealand Association) team


“Hi Phil/Cedric, Thanks for the great session. I had really good feedback from the attendees and it was very well received. Cheers. Jeremy”

Mr Jeremy Chan (Microsoft Singapore)


“Hi Phil/Cedric, Thank you for giving us such an interactive and informative session on coffee. We have learnt much and most importantly, we had a great time! Thanks once again.”

Ms Brenda Toh (ST Engineering)


“Thanks again for the well-organised coffee appreciation event you conducted last month at out company, our staff enjoyed the coffee session tremendously.”

Ms Michelle Li (Corporate Development & Communications, Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies)


“Hi Phil, Thanks for helping us with the event last Friday. It was really enjoyable and the participants learnt a lot about coffee from you.”

Mr Kelvin Lee (Accenture Pte Ltd)


Hi Phil! Thanks for having us on Friday! We all really learnt a lot and enjoyed ourselves!

Ms Neo Yu Zhen (Singapore Management University Gourmet Club Organiser)


“Hi Phil and team! On behalf of my division, I would like to thank you again for the awesome workshop conducted by Highlander last Friday! We certainly did learn a great deal about coffee and in particular, the contents of our local coffee! I believe the local cafes will see less of my colleagues’ patronage in the future. haha!…We look forward to visiting the Highlander cafe soon for an authentic brew of the beverage! :-)”



“Hi Phil & Cedric & KL, Thank you for taking your precious time to conduct this coffee appreciation workshop for our employees! We enjoyed the event & certainly hope to see you again, next round in a cosy air-con area! Warmest Regards,”

Ms MAY LIM (Human Resources, Senoko Energy)


“On a sunny Saturday morning, a group of Stanford alumni, family and friends met at a quaint shophouse permeated with the rich, deep smell of coffee. Phil and Cedric Ho, the two brothers who own Highlander Coffee (49 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169362), are extremely passionate about coffee and spent the morning igniting the same passion in us. We learnt quite a bit – from why local kopitiam coffee is so cheap (its only 50% coffee, it turns out, and the rest is – well its best left unsaid) to why one should avoid the blend-of-the-day at big-chain cafes (one word: leftovers). The brothers concocted a variety of coffee drinks for us: from French press coffee done right to a classic espresso. We also got to try a variety of beans and blends, some inspiring descriptions as flowery as “bouquet of fruits”. We stepped out of Highlander a little giddy from the caffeine and a little wiser about our drink choices – it was the perfect way to start the weekend.”

Stanford Club of Singapore (http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:k05u8wzJv-AJ:www.stanfordalumni.org.sg/+highlander+coffee+singapore&cd=28&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=sg&client=firefox-a)


“Hi Phil/Cedric & Team,One heartfelt word- A BIG thank you. Thank you guys for the success of the course…Warmest Regard

Mr Samson Ang (AustAsia Food Pte Ltd)


“Dear Phil & Cedric, 14th Jan 2011 was truly a memorable day well spent. Not only do we now have better knowledge on coffee, we also have the honor to hear it from the industry expert on how Greenfields Fresh Milk synergized with coffee. May we hereby extend our appreciation to you and your team for the generous sharing of knowledge and we are positive that we will all move forward to greater heights. THANK YOU once again and we wish HIGHLANDER COFFEE every success. Warmest Regards

Mr Desmond Ng (AustAsia Food Pte Ltd)


“Dear Phil and Cedric, Thank you for a most engaging and interactive session this afternoon. I am sure my colleagues had an enjoyable time (even though the heavy rain ruined my plans) and I could tell that they enjoyed their drink as well (whether it was mocha, espresso or what have you… sorry ah, me no coffee drinker). As for me, I found the tiramisu concoction very good!! What was it anyway? I will definitely go back for a cup of that! *grin* Once again, thank you for conducting the workshop; it was a pleasure to have met you. Till next time,…”



“I will recommend to my colleagues to attend the workshop. It is jammed packed with information”

“A very informative session and a very conducive atmosphere. Coffee tasting is very enjoyable”

“Provides great in-depth knowledge about coffee and its preparations. Coffee serves here are superb”

“Very good workshop and we will now appreciate our coffee”


“Hi Phil, Seems like the workshop last Thursday was a success! Our officers enjoyed it very much …Thank you Phil.

Ms Julie Lim (Welfare Planning, Singapore Police Force)


“hi phil and cedric. i really enjoyed the coffee appreciation workshop yesterday and would now like to sign up for the cupping workshop”

Mr Tom Patton (U.S.A.)


“Phil, Thanks for (Coffee Appreciation Workshop) today , we liked it very much!!!!! See you!”



“Today I went to attend the Highlander Coffee Appreciation course at Safra. Signed up through Alvin’s friend so didn’t look at the details and didn’t know it was Highlander Coffee Pte Ltd that was holding the course! Cool! Love Highlander after Nicole introduced it to me last year and now I know why their coffee tastes so good! At last I can appreciate coffee much better now…The 2 guys are really funny and were a good laugh. One was called Phil as I took his card and I can’t remember the other guy’s name”



“We went down to Highlander Coffee(49 kampong bahru road) for a coffee appreciation workshop, where we learnt of the delights and various details of coffee…Very engaging! Thats why we give them our fullest attention…Happy culinarians after the coffee workshop. Who wouldn’t be with such great presenters? (of course, the free flow of coffee did play a part…)”


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