“To the ‘Greatest Coffee Shop in Singapore’. It has been a pleasure. We have enjoyed your coffee, food and company over the last year. We would have drunk more coffee but we had to fend for ourselves on Sundays when you’re not opened. You have educated us in the world of coffee and Singapore- Lah! We are gone but you are not forgotten”



“Thanks Phil, IT was a great priviledge for me to find your shop and have such world class coffee. I hope your business goes over the top. blessings,…This is Phil, one of the owners of Highlander coffee. Check them out on the web… best coffee in the world!”

Mr Michael Card (American Christian singer-songwriter, musician, author, and radio host from Franklin, Tennessee http://www.michaelcard.com/ and Facebook Album)


“if personal attention to the production line is key to the artisanal push, then unpretentious down-to-earth brothers Phil and Cedric Ho of Highlander Coffee are often cited as the early adopters of more holistic control over their cup – bringing in green beans, roasting on-site (even on demand), grinding on demand, brewing to perfection. They serve up the best cup of flat white I’ve had in Singapore so far.”



“Hi guys… awesome to meet up earlier today. Definately the best and most enjoyable coffee I’ve had in Singapore ever!!! Looking forward to run your Supremo blend through our Cimbali for my morning coffee =) Cheers!…Thanks guys! Awesome work you guys doing! Best coffee in Singapore for sure! Sander.”

Mr Sander Blauw (Netherlands)


“Great coffee by people who know and are passionate about great coffee. A must try and a true standout in Singapore.”

MrWhite (http://www.beanhunter.com/cafes/review/highlander-coffee)


Dear Phil, thank you so much for your help! I will definitely start some research now on that machine, looks as if that’s the one I was looking for since a while. Nonetheless, nothing can beat the coffee at your shop :-)) See you soon around

Ms Andrea Fehr (germany)


“I miss your coffee! Nothing compares! ”

Mr Alex Tan (Singapore)


“…In this, I mean to say that I still think I had one of the best capuccino at Highlander, and I’ve already spread the word around too. So if it was up to me, I shall come back to you and your products…”

Ms Anna Liew (Singapore)


“Highlander Coffee Team, we just wanted to give you a big compliment on your service, the high standard of your products and the overall experience! Awesome job! Keep up the great work.”

Mr Albert & Mrs Natalie Visscher (Singapore)


“Phil, Many thanks for the excellent delivery and training on Saturday. The VBM Junior is everything that we hoped it would be. The package that was delivered with the machine was well thought through and effective. Your team did a great job.”

Mr Louis Niven (New Zealand)


“Best coffee in Singapore bar none. Phil and Cedric are passionate gentleman whose dedication and high standards make it into the cup. Brilliant coffee, brilliant cakes, brilliant service and good environment. The cheesecake and carrot cake are not to be missed either.

Epic76 Hong Kong (http://www.beanhunter.com/cafes/review/highlander-coffee)


“My wife and I visited Highlander on our recent trip to Singapore, the coffee and attentive service was most enjoyable, thanks Phil for the tour and the brilliant Kenyan Aeropress brew. Your Brazil came up a treat in my Clever Coffee Dripper!!”

Mr Trevor Green (Perth, Australia)


Espresso in Singapore – Highlander Coffee I was in Singapore last week, and the first thing I Googled after settling down in the city, was “singapore espresso“. It didn’t take too long to decide, as the results from blogsphere were significantly leaning towards Highlander Coffee. Highlander Coffee is not just a coffee bar, but a roastery and academy too! In other words, these people are professional…In half an hour, I started with a Cappuccino, followed by another 2 shots of Espresso. Well, I think that explains quite well on my satisfaction with this coffee bar. If you have been satisfied with Cappuccino prepared by the chains like Starbucks or Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, then you must give this a try. It will elevate your expectation next time 😉



“Probably the best coffee I had on the “world tour”. Just about perfect but too far from the city for Mrs Parto’s comfort – also a bit of a mission to find but we got there. Nothing to fault, everything to praise.”

Parto (http://beanhunter.com/cafes/review/highlander-coffee)


“I stopped by your store on Saturday and bought some beans and shared an espresso with you. I really appreciate the time you spent with me even though you were starting a coffee class. It was refreshing to meet someone who understood good espresso and could discuss my issues. You were right the fresh beans made a world of difference. Within a few minutes of returning home I was pulling shots that were better than anything I have pulled since arriving in Singapore two months ago. I plan to find a time to attend one of your barista schools when I get a chance.Thanks you again for you kindness,”

Jody McGlothen


“Honestly, the best coffee I’ve had in Singapore. The owners know my family and me by now. We are there almost every Saturday afternoon. We don’t leave until we have had about 2 cups of their aromatic roasts each. These guys are very passionate about their coffee and they do an extremely good job with it. It’s a must try for all coffee addicts in search of the very best”

Ms Debra Ma (http://www.hungrygowhere.com/reviewer/debra_ma/)


“Coffee is pretty awesome everytime I’ ve been there. The pricing is also good for the quality – priced below Starbucks and the like. Really friendly staff.”



“Phil Thanks so much for this – it was great to meet you yesterday and see your operation – I was very pleased to see someone working hard at providing good products and services – 加油-keep up the good work. Regards Peter”

Mr Peter Moore (Tasman Consulting)


“Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I’m extremely pleased with my purchase of Aeropress. What’s more, it looks like I had the best cup of cappuccino in my entire life, when I was visiting your shop! 🙂 Thank you very much for wonderful service and keep up the great work!”

Mr Karol Janus


“Their ethos is ‘Seriously Coffee’ and I have to concur with this, Highlander is a coffee oasis in a city strewn with generic coffee chains. The owners are Phil and Cedric Ho who are both from engineering backgrounds but have pursued their love of the bean. Nestled in a row of strip shops i t has a cosy comfortable ambiance and their focus on coffee was apparent the moment we entered this hidden gem. A shiny red Diedrich takes pride of place in the roastery at the back of the cafe along with a coffee training and display area where they pass on their passion for all things coffee. I savoured a traditional short mach and a latte both of which were well crafted and a joy to my senses, my wife had a smile on her face after finishing her latte. Phil then surpised us with a lovely Aeropress Kenyan brew which was clean with lovely hints of fruit, it was a great way to cap off our more than enjoyable visit. I am awarding Highlander three beans for their great coffee, their passion for what they are doing in promoting and educating Singaporeans about the wonderful world of specialty coffee.”

Melbourne Coffee Review


“Hi Dave, I’d heard Highlander and Oriole had the best coffees in SG, and I’m a regular of Oriole. But this week I made it down to Highlander’s and I must say that their coffee trumps Oriole’s anyday. Much richer and full-bodied, I felt… 🙂

Mel (http://www.melbournecoffeereview.com/2010/09/highlander-coffee-singapore.html)


“big thanx to Highlander Coffee for their speedy and expert service enabling my machine to be up and running with almost no downtime!…ya plus he help me zhng my pressure, change some o rings, and even the power plug change to 3 pin sg type… where to find such power?”

Mr Jonathan Ho (http://www.facebook.com/xjohox/posts/10150188139601659?notif_t=mentions_comment)


“Eugene’s beautiful heart shaped Latte! Awesome coffee appreciation at Highlander Coffee at Kampong Bahru Rd! *thumbs and toes upz*”

Ms Syakilla Hasan’s Photos – Wall Photos (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Singapore-City-Singapore/Highlander-Coffee/276716647997#!/photo.php?fbid=463643203120&set=a.248611553120.136302.573603120)


“Highlander Coffee Bar about the best cup of coffee you will get in Singapore. Consistently good!

[email protected] (http://fli.kr/p9krsjA)


“Food in Singapore is amazing from hawker centres to fine dining establishments. The same cannot be said of its coffee, except for Highlander Coffee. Highlander Coffee produce fantastic cups of coffee, the closest I found to the coffeemade here in Sydney. Located on Kampong Bahru Road opposite the hospital and about 5 minutes from Outram MRT station.”

sachman75 on twitter


“Despite the Scottish moniker, Highlander Coffee is in no way Scottish. Instead, it’s a coffee shop, coffee retailer and coffee academy all rolled into one. Run by two brothers – Cedric and Phil – who are incredibly passionate about coffee, this place is one of the best places in Singapore to grab a great cup of coffee. The brothers, who trained in Sydney (but where else?), have trained quite a few baristas from all over the region, so it’s no surprise that the staff here take their coffee very seriously indeed. The coffee bar is very nice and comfortable, though a little on the small side. Even though I was just drinking a flat white and reading through a couple of magazines one sunny weekday afternoon, the staff didn’t harrass me in any way to order more. Instead, they left me in peace…Still, given the quality of the coffee, it’s defintiely worth the trip if you’re a coffee-lover!”



“Ditto, we have just returned from Singapore and a visit to Highlander was well worth the effort, great coffee, Phil made a special aeropress Kenyan for my wife and I and gave me a tour of the roastery and training area, a most rewarding visit, took a bag of Brazil for the CCD in our room–keep up the passion Phil and Cedric”

greenman (http://coffeesnobs.com.au/YaBB.pl?num=1215607795/17)


“Loved being in Highlander and thanks for taking so much time for me. I use the tamperstation everyday and it brings such wonderful memories…I only regret that I didn’t visit you sooner during my stay, then I could’ve come again. But you never know, some time in the future I’ll be back”



Dear Phil and Cedric, Greetings to you from Oslo…:-) What a nice memory from Highlander Coffee. After our coffee machine arrived from Singapore I experienced some trouble making as good coffee as we did in Singapore. Today I am certain that the quality of the coffee must be the reason for my trouble. Jostein brought back some of your coffee beans and then I really got some very nice crema and the taste was excellent! Thanks again and do lets us know if you ever get the chance to visit Norway. Warmest regards,

Ms Siri Bogen (Oslo, Norway)


“2 days ago, I had a cappuccino and a latte at Highlander Coffee, arguably the best place in Singapore for coffee. They roast on the premises and sell to other cafes and hotels. They also train baristas on-site. Anyhow, I asked my question on latte art and was told severely, “We serve ALL our drinks with latte art.” And indeed they did. Even for the take away order before me. The barista drew a beautiful heart then promptly covered the drink and packed it into a bag for the customer…”

Mr Stanley Wong (http://coffeegeek.com/forums/espresso/general/519798#519798)


“Highlander has the best cup of espresso you can find in Singapore. They roast their beans in house for maximum freshness and monitor the temperature of the water flowing through their brew heads.”

Mr Carl Coryell-Martin (http://maps.google.com/maps/user?uid=110199479905451551627&hl=en&gl=US)


“Best coffee in Singapore, hands down…The best coffee bros since the Piccolo bros…”

Mr Ryan Hong (Chef for Hire- http://www.ryanhong.com)


“Hi Fred Just back from Singapore and had a wonderful time there. There’s a topic a bit further called “where to find espresso in Singapore” with a lot of information. I went of course to Highlander, that’s a must and it was really great.Bought their Supremo Blend, delicious…”

MS ANNEMARIE TIEMES (http://coffeegeek.com/forums/worldregional/australasia/454764#454764)


“Easily the best coffee to be found in Singapore. They take their espresso very seriously indeed and take great pride in what they offer. The cafe is very small and reasonably difficult to find, as it is well off the beaten track – check their website for full instructions on how to get there. They also roast their own coffee, which is a rarity in Singapore, and the freshness shows in the cup. The baristas are very skilled and professional (the cafe also runs barista training courses) and all the staff are very friendly. The cafe interior is very clean and modern and the atmosphere is so-so, but this is more than made up for by the coffee. Limited food is available. The coffee prices are also worth mentioning: not only is it the best coffee in Singapore, it has to be the cheapest I found too. Definitely worth the trip.”

aldous2000deluxe (http://www.beanhunter.com/cafes/review/highlander-coffee)


“…Interestingly, I stumbled upon Highlander at about October 2009 before I went to Melbourne. I had heard that Melbourne was a great place for coffee and was thinking of attending a basic barista course there…Highlander, according to industry sources, seems to almost be the ‘Godfather’ of espresso coffee in Singapore. They have been around since before most of the current coffee places started to spring up. This is another different kind of coffee concept here and they have carved out a niche for themselves. While others places have combined coffee with desserts, with food, with winning competitions, with niche and specialty coffees, with alcohol, with technology or with work; Highlander has started a kind of a coffee consultancy and tried to shape coffee as a lifestyle choice. Besides the cafe they run and roasting their own beans for their own blend, Highlander also conducts courses across the spectrum from Basic Barista to Coffee Appreciation for individuals and corporate companies. So it’s really.. as its name suggests.. an Academy. I don’t know if it’s because my brain has been conditioned to associate Highlander with Melbourne; but really, I totally felt like I was in Melbourne the moment I stepped into the cafe on a Saturday morning with Paul. The decor, the general cake cooler and the cookie bottles felt really Melbourne-ish. I think what really made it the ultimate was the cramped-ness of the place. The tables were teeny, the space was small and boy, was it crowded that morning with all the people coming in for the coffee course that morning…My coffee. Made by Guoli, who also seems to have won an informal Latte Art competition at Oriole recently (or so it seems from Facebook), doesn’t it look really nice? The heart-shape is so nice. I’m just imagining whether any barista ever proposed to his girlfriend by making a heart-shaped latte art and hiding a ring at the bottom of the coffee for her…

I liked this coffee; really you can’t fault the Godfather of espresso in Singapore; can you? As I said to Paul after the first sip, it was as good a coffee as I could ask for. No complaints at all…”

Liren (http://poorestofthepoor.wordpress.com/2010/08/06/cbt-highlander-coffee-academy/)


“Yeap, a modest set up, nothing fancy but the ppl there deal coffee seriously and you can see their passion

in preparing your coffee. I often ended up chatting with the ppl there over two cups of cappuccino. A place i will always recommend for any coffee lover , anytime !



“Great coffee, cosy environment…Best cuppa I’ve had in Singapore. Definitely value-for-money, and the owners and baristas are knowledgeable and passionate about their craft. I buy their fresh beans every 2-3 weeks, and bought the machine from them too. It used to be a quiet little place off Chinatown, but in recent months, traffic’s very high during the weekend. Guess more people appreciate a proper cuppa these days and aren’t satisfied with Starbucks anymore!”



“Highlander coffee bar…I love the place and service, i think their coffee is rather unique, go and try! i doubt they’ll disappoint you”



“Hi SL how are u? I am back in town for few weeks and just had the best espresso ever in Singapore at highlander coffee as I remember u mention to me being the best…ciao”



“Is Highlander the ground zero for the artisanal coffee movement in Sg? I would definitely at least put them on top of that list! Phil and Cedric infects anyone who meets them with a genuine passion for well made espresso’s and cap’s. Highlander makes straight forward, well executed espresso and capuccino. Excellent crema’s and expertly textured milk for capuccino. This is truly coffee worth travelling for!!”

Cigar3 (http://www.beanhunter.com/cafes/review/highlander-coffee)


“Dear Phil and Cedric, Thank you so very much for your generous donation of your time and wonderful coffee that was served at the event. I had so many people come to me and comment on how good it was. Also the products donated for the gift basket which sold very well at the Silent Auction…”

Ms Johanna Quirk (Event Committee, The Singapore Silk Soiree- New Zealand Residence, Supporting Tabitha Foundation Singapore)


“Phil, Many thanks to Cedric for taking such good care of my DomoBar. It gave me great peace of mind that it was handled by someone who understands how to treat the machine. And to have it returned in even better condition than it left the old place was a bonus! Love the new big knobs and it has the new machine shine again. Thanks again. Cheers.”

Ms Suzanne Roat, PhD, P.E. (U.S.A.)


“Coffee heaven- The perfect cup of coffee is much like the holy grail or the lost city of Atlantis. We would like to get as close to it as we possibly can, although actually finding it may spoil the fun by kiling the chase. If there in anything close to the perfect latte, I’m convinced that the experts at Highlander Coffe Bar possess the closely guarded secret. Try the latte, hot or iced, and I hope you will enjoy the same blissful and utter mind-and-body contentment that I felt. Now tag along a smoked duck sandwich or any other supremely flavourful food products available, and you’d want to move in. The cost of this little piece of heaven: half as much as it would for a latte at Starbucks, and lets not even talk about the food. The staff are very friendly and obviously very competent, and tolerate our toddler son’s occasional tantrums while his parents sit completely motionless in a zen-like state following that first sip. Closing time 6 pm, last order at 5.45 pm, wish the hours were extended by at least one more so I can make it there EVERY day instead of only when I get off work early.”

C.K. (http://www.hungrygowhere.com/reviewer/c_k_460/)


“Specialty artisanal coffee… first and foremost, that’s what Highlander is all about. If you’re looking for the best espresso-based drinks in Singapore, this is the place to go. The Highlander crew passionately roast their own beans and craft their blends to give you the best cuppa you can find in these parts. Barista and coffee appreciation classes are available as well to educated the public on what coffee is all about. Food and ambience is so-so but this is the place to go for black gold. Nice, friendly staff. Recommended!”

lyzzard (http://www.beanhunter.com/cafes/review/highlander-coffee)


“One of the Best Coffee Bar!- Highlander is one of my favorite coffee place in Singapore! I have been their regular customer for few years. From the first time they opened until now. I really appreciate the good service that they provide also the fantastic aroma coffee taste! Most of the staff there are really really friendly and they can remember my name, also my other colleagues! Whenever we go there, we always have a good chat with them! I remember that I have one special request for my birthday colleague, and they were really friendly to fulfill my request 🙂 I’m really glad that they have a lot of customer now compare when the first time they started! Keep it up guys!…”

Ms Henny Zhan (http://www.hungrygowhere.com/reviewer/henny_zhan/)


“Best brew in town, once you taste it no other coffee taste the same!”

Mr Sayvious Ong (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Highlander-Coffee/276716647997?v=app_6261817190)


“BEST Coffee I’d ever drink!”

Mr Dai Jiawen (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Highlander-Coffee/276716647997?v=app_6261817190)


“I get my caffeine fix from this place regularly. I would love to drop by here every morning but the location is not near my workplace. The baristas serve consistenly good latte and mocha. Great coffee art too. Not many other places in Singapore can serve such good latte like the baristas here can. The space is small but cosy nevertheless.”

Zulster (http://www.beanhunter.com/cafes/review/highlander-coffee)


“One of the best coffee’s I drank in Singapore and seriously dedicated and very nice guys. Brings back such sweet memories.”

Annemarie Tiemes (http://www.facebook.com/?sk=apps#!/profile.php?v=wall&id=100000110961177)


“Best Coffee- Had my best coffee at DaVinci’s booth. Guess what excellent coffee they are serving?”

Mr KF Chan (http://kfchan.wordpress.com/2010/04/27/coffee-in-singapore-part-1/#comment-1638)


“My last stop for coffee before coming back to Malaysia. Spend some time at Highlander Coffee for some sweet espresso. The lovely Simonelli Aurelia in GREEN. Had espresso, ristretto and a machiato. All great but the ristretto is the best. Thank you to Phil, Cedric and Guo Li for the lovely time and all the coffee…Bye-bye Singapore. I’ll be back.”

Mr KF Chan (http://kfchan.wordpress.com/2010/04/29/coffee-in-singapore-part-2/)


“Go check out a little hole in the wall place called Highlander Coffee. In a shop house close to SGH. These guys are true nuts about coffee, they blend their own (fantastic), have a little coffee shop (serve great coffee) and sell probably the best machines around, not cheap but seriously good. They also do training, which in my experience is actually an important factor when buying a coffee machine”



“Re: Great Coffee In Singapore- kampong bahru highlander coffee…by far,the best coffee i ever had,in singapore 🙂 cheers…Agree on that so let’s add Highlander Coffee to the list of great coffee in Singapore”



“Cannot wait to attend their coffee appreciation course…Excellent cafe fronted by endearingly friendly owners & baristas. You can almost smell their dedication to the bean once you step in. This is one place where coffeenatics unite to celebrate their addiction to the bean; so good it’s almost illegal!”



“Best Coffee- last weekend , i had my breakfast at the cafe higlander ,i ordered cafe latte which i really like the taste. i recommend this place for the people who love drinking coffee. the place is small, but good taste ha. well thank you for making my day bright on that day. now i know where to get coffee.”

MOHAMMED MRANI (http://www.hungrygowhere.com/singapore/highlander_coffee_bar/)


“Just working around this area. Recently there are quite a numbers of restaurants coming up this area. So far have tried out with my colleagues Highlander which is fantastic ,…”

MISS (http://www.hungrygowhere.com/singapore/haveli_restaurant_bar/)


“…Due to training commitments (cycling) I hadn’t been able to get Highlander for a few months, despite being up in Singapore regularly. I’ve just arrived back from there and can say I was more than surprised, almost “shocked” at how the guys at Highlander are beginning to push the envelope in terms of quality. I should say that I have absolutely NO connection with the company, I’m just another customer there getting his morning coffee. Having said that I’m pretty keen to give credit, and it’s certainly due here. Some places I go to are quite arrogant when it comes to their product, despite the fact that it is often very ordinary. In stark contrast are the team at Highlander who are very modest about what they do and always interested in getting feedback. You certainly get the impression they file the opinion away and consider it carefully, a far cry from the dismissive attitude of some. The end result is they just keep getting better and better. When I first started going there I could safely say it was the best place in Singapore for coffee. It’s gone from that to the best place in Asia. Crema Cafe in Hong Kong does a great job, and their latte art is stunning, but for what’s in the cup Highlander takes it. I haven’t sat down and actually made a list, but off the top of my head I’d say Highlander would probably now make the top 10 outlets I’ve been to in the world, most certainly if consistency is considered. Trust me, that’s saying something! Generally speaking the places I’ve been to that I’ve considered “better” have been because their product is “distinct” or somewhat unique. The trouble with this is that it opens up the possibility for individual preference and taste, so a characteristic that one person may find very appealing, another may be completely turned off by it. I’m not sure that people will have an espresso at Highlander and go “wow!”, it’s more understated, what I’d call an “honest” shot, where it’s mild, balanced and extremely drinkable. Actually I think it perfectly reflects the personality of the owners. Just as importantly it’s exactly the same every time, and as anyone with any experience with this knows, getting consistency is often the most difficult part!…If you’re in Singapore do yourself a favour and head out there then let us know what you think as I’m always keen to compare what I consider a “good” outlet with what others think.”



“For those in the know, Highlander is a cult classic in Singapore, serving allegedly the best coffee as well as teaching wannabe baristas the finer points of coffee-making and even latte art.”



“Perfect brew at affordable prices…Best gourmet coffee I had. I’m not a coffee person, and usually prefers tea to coffee. But the coffee at highlander is just too good – the dark roast with a chocolate under taste makes it irresistible. If you are up for some desserts, order their Carrot Cake, and have them warm it up for you. It has the right balance of density and sweetness. They don’t serve freshly made food unfortunately, but in case you feel like something savoury, you can try their tandoori chicken wrap or Beef lasagne. As far as micro waved food goes, these are the best in town. Best thing about the cafe is, you get all these above average fare at very affordable prices.”



“For those who might not have much happening on a Saturday afternoon, I am going to be having coffee at Highlanders Cafe along Kampong Bahru Road. That is one of the best coffees in Singapore, and I am talking about Australian style latte for those who missed them. Food is pretty decent too.”



“With the objective of providing the best coffee in the area, Café Hacienda will be working with Highlander Coffee to brew and sell its very own custom blend – the Three Continent Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans. The artisanal blend comprises beans from South America, Central America, Eastern Arabia and Sumatra. Meticulously roasted in small batches to achieve the beans’ peak flavours, the Three Continent coffee has a distinctly vibrant and fruity taste that is so perfectly-balanced it is delicious straight-up as an espresso, as well as with milk in a latte or mocha.”



“…Great coffee and a friendly bunch. Well worth the time to pay a visit, have a chat and try some of their coffee.”

borat123 (http://coffeesnobs.com.au/YaBB.pl?num=1215607795/15)


“I have travelled all the way from Malaysia to taste your coffee. It’s really good. Any plans of expanding to Malaysia?”

Mike Lee (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=58230186401)


“Highlander coffee! Coffee lovers should try it. Sadly, it only has ONE outlet. Go for it when you are nearby. Google for the address.”

Wryer (http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/archive/index.php/t-2582486.html)


“Highlander is a must-see destination for any CSer visiting Singapore. One of the few establishments offering decent specialty coffee. I think I might try one of their cupping courses when I visit there next month”

flynn_aus (http://coffeesnobs.com.au/YaBB.pl?num=1215607795/15)


“…Let me introduce you to Phil Ho, one of the brothers who own Highlander Coffee (http://www.highlandercoffee.com/), serving the best coffee in Singapore and pushing the frontiers for coffee standards here.”



“…there are only a few places in singapore that I would say serve a coffee that is really memorable. Highlander per above website…I would recommend Highlander – its MRT and bus friendly (near SGH) and Phil and Cedric are happy to entertain a few out the back with other machines and the roaster to explain how things are done. They can accomodate a good size group too. www.highlandercoffee.com…”

wizardofoz (http://www.xtremeplace.com/yabbse/index.php?topic=62911.0;all)


“I have always enjoyed the coffees at Highlander Coffee.”



“Just got back from Highlander coffee in Singapore. These guys are really starting to push the envelope in becoming top 10 cafe in the world”



“…I had a couple of lovely macchiatos there – the barista on duty was more than competent. Spoke to Phil the co-owner and had a look at the equipment on sale. He has a great shop with a good range of equipment, with the NS OScar just added to his stock – (good value for money machine) as well as the new MAHLKÖNIG grinder which is a pretty impressive machine…You simply must go out of your way to visit Highlander even if you’re only passing through Singapore for the day…Anyway, a big thumbs down for this shop (called Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf), and any other coffee shop my brother-in-law recommends. I think I will stick to Highlander from now on.”



“The brothers are doing it RIGHT!- Finally artisan roasting and serving genuinely good fresh cuppa in Singapore!That’s what I love about Highlander Coffee, run by the two brothers, who gave up their engineering jobs for the persue in the perfect cup of coffee.”



“”a nice cosy n relaxing place to enjoy a cup of nice aromatic coffee =,) … in addition the bosses are very friendly & really know how to engage the customers and makes your day…their service staff also is very friendly and smiley all the time.”

Zann Tan (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=58230186401)


“Hi AnneMarie, I am a coffee geek that live in Malaysia, neighbour country of S’pore. You definitely have to drop by at Highlander Coffee, the best roaster in S’pore.”

Mr Tan Wee Chuan (http://www.coffeegeek.com/forums/worldregional/australasia/435227#435227)


“Dear Phil, Thank you for your most kind hospitality earlier this pm; it was great meeting you (and your bro) and I must add that for a non-coffee drinker, I found the caffe latte really very good (I took a few spoonsful). My colleagues most certainly enjoyed theirs…Once again, thank you for the most enlightening meeting that we had.”



“Also try Highlander Coffee on Kampong Bahru road – run by a couple of brothers who are serious about their coffee and polished their knowledge in Australia so it’s the style of coffee that we know and love. Worth the trip to that neck of the woods!



“Hi Phil, Thanks for what is without doubt, the best coffee in Singapore. It was great to meet you and I look forward to seeing more of you……and drinking more of your coffee.”



“Highlander Coffee @ Great Coffee- Highlander Coffee is started by two brothers, Phil and Cedric Ho, who quit their engineering careers in pursuit of their passion for coffee. The cafe arrived after their primary business in supplying coffee machines, coffee appreciation and barrista courses. It was only a few years ago that they started their cafe. Their disciplined way of brewing coffee up to cleaning their coffee machines daily really lived up to their tag line, “Seriously Coffee”. Since the cafe is opened, they have attracted serious coffee fanatics in search of good gourmet coffee. One Friday morning, I decided to pay a visit to Highlander Coffee for a little caffeine high after a night shift duty. My destination was found smacked right in the middle of the row of shophouses along Kampong Bahru Road near to the entrance of SGH. There was some road works just outside the unassuming cafe front. Upon entering the front door, the noise from outside faded to a hum and all there was, a tranquil, relaxing mood with the inviting aroma of coffee. The cafe feels cosy, much smaller than the typical Starbucks and Coffee Bean joints. There was one caucasian guy sitting in one corner, tapping on his laptop with his coffee and then asked for another cuppa. There was another caucasian lady at another table and there was me. Looks like a quiet morning for my newspapers and magazine. ..Here’s the cafe latte with the rich and foamy milk (S$2.80/cup). I observed the barista making extra effort to compact the freshly ground coffee powder which results in my aromatic esspresso, which when added to the milk forms a well balanced latte. I liked to my latte without sugar and this makes it easier to taste if the espresso was made properly. Poorly done ones will end up with the latte having bitter after taste from too much espresso or the other extreme, the lack of it…”



“…another vote for Highlander. Keep up the good work Phil & Cedric”

Epic76 (http://coffeesnobs.com.au/YaBB.pl?num=1215607795/15)


“Singapore is such a beautiful melting pot of cultures, with such a westernized feeling about it. I unfortunately found it very difficult to find an espresso let alone a descent one. The first thing i noticed about the coffee culture in Singapore was how much chain coffee their is, i could not walk into a new street without being met by a starbucks or coffee bean and tea leaf….Finally i found a descent coffee place in the form of highlander coffee. The first thing i saw was a nice shiny 2 grp replica vibemme. I was so relieved when the espresso i ordered actually looked like an espresso, with nice dark crema and served in an illy collection cup. The coffee was nicely balanced between the first notes of acidity and the back palate spice and nut. I had a great a chat to the owner Phil Ho who was a great friendly guy who was more than happy to show us around where they do their roasting and the diedrich ir 3 that they roast on.”



“…Then M brought us to Chinatown, around the vicinity of where my old shophouse-office was. It was nice to see the colourful buildings again, but we took a quick refuge from the hot sun into Highlander Coffee Academy where we had the most awesome cappucino ever. To tell you a secret, I have never fancied the coffee in any of the big coffee joints (SB, CB, GJ….) but this was gooood. This small little space sells the most amazing coffee machines, syrups, and even hold coffee cupping and appreciation sessions…and barista training! It really reminded me of Melbourne – the shop layout, the SBS channel, the magazines, and the whole place oozing of strong coffee culture. Then I realised, the boss studied in RMIT and UTS – which explains why!…”



“Highlander Coffee, arguably Singapore’s best coffee.”



“Hi Phil…THANKS to both Cedric and you for teaching and advising me on what it takes to make a really good cuppa. I still tell all that the best is still at Highlander. Seriously. Your roast blend from different but complementary origins plus milk steaming technique and hospitality makes each cuppa and each visit a pleasure. Thanks again my friend.”



“Hi Phil,…We called into highlander on Saturday afternoon and had a great cup of coffee!”



“Singapore l would not call a coffee hotspot but we did happen to stumble across a good brew…These guys are passionate about what they are doing and it shows in the cup.”



“Just wanted to let you know that if you can’t make it over to Highlander, which is where I practically live on Fridays and Saturdays because the atmosphere, owners, and baristas are so pleasant,…”

santunoo (http://www.coffeegeek.com/forums/worldregional/australasia/431947#431947)


“Dear Phil and all,…Let me say thank you so much and really nice to meet you at Cafe. I’m really impress and really appreciate for taking time to talk to me. Highlander Cafe and operation room are really organise and very impress for me. I found really professional and neat you have. as your slogan “Seriously Coffee”. I just arrived back to Thailand with very good experience and trip to Singapore. Please send my regards to your brother and colleagues. Keep in touch and looking forward to hear back from you. “



“Once when Danny’s friend, Phil (www.highlandercoffee.com) came over from Singapore and brought some really fresh roasted premium quality coffee beans, WOW! that was really GREAT espresso. Phil roasted them in Singapore and they were 2 days from roasting. It was such an excellent experience, I can’t wait for Phil to come back for a visit :)”



“Hi there Phil. Thank you for the message. Your coffee is truly fantastic. Sure thing, you can expect us to drop in pretty often now:) Have a good day!



“Dear phil and cedric, sorry this note came late; thank u for spending time with me last wk and helping me understand how e perfect cup of joe is made. I am impressed with your passion and enthusuaism with coffee. Where ever possible, i will spread the word abt highlander”



“Peaberry gets their supply from Highlander so might as well go straight to the source. Spinelli’s @ Excelsior Shopping Center serves a pretty decent cup but that kinda depends who’s pulling the shot at the time (look for Salleh)…Between the two, I would still head over to Highlander. I know I sound like a broken record but they do serve a better cup of joe. Every shot is a double over there and the flavors do come through a tad more”



“try Highlander coffee at 49 Kampong Bahru Road. think you’ll like it. crema. great care. roast their own beans. courses. small cafe does some food but they’re into their coffee as main priority. mmmmm look at highlandercoffee.com”



“HighlanderCoffee- One of our MAP2Cafe web site visitor have shared her love for this coffee hang out. Her comment was that the owners and staff are very friendly and passionate about their coffee! If anyone has visited the place recently please add your review! They also sell Italian coffee maker and you must have an appointment to view them. They also offer courses on becoming a good barista! Thanks Mylene for sharing!”



“Been sitting in highlander all morning after a night of booze. Vibiemme replica, ditting/malhkoenig doserless grinder, diedrich roaster (IR3), milk steamed to order, clean equipment, passionate staff, no soy, no decaf available…Great! The owners and staff are friendly and (more importantly) tolerant of geeks…”



“Went to have REAL coffee with ex-colleague, Wendy @ Highlander Coffee cafe.. Coffee is WAY better than Starbucks or Coffee bean or Mc Cafe.. Cheaper somemore…!”


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